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  • Neurobiology of schizophrenia, psychotic disorders and other severe mental disorders (early psychosis; neurodevelopment; brain maturation; structural imaging; neuropsychology)
  • Neuroimaging and neuropsychological approaches to understanding psychiatric disorders
  • Normal and abnormal brain maturation
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder



  • Professor Christos Pantelis is Foundation Professor of Neuropsychiatry and Scientific Director of the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre at The University of Melbourne and Melbourne Health. He is also Director of the Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit at Sunshine Hospital. He holds honorary Principal Research Fellow positions at the Howard Florey Institute and the Centre for Neuroscience. He heads a team of researchers that have been undertaking neuroimaging and neuropsychological work in schizophrenia and psychosis, and other psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders over the last 15 years in Australia. His work has focused on brain structural and functional changes during the transition to psychosis. He has published over 270 papers and chapters, including papers in high-profile international psychiatry, neurology, radiology and medical journals. He published one of the first books on the neuropsychology of schizophrenia, a recently published book on 'Olfaction and the Brain' and a forthcoming book on 'Neuropsychology of Mental Illness'. He is co-Chief Investigator on a $7.4 million NHMRC Program Grant, which commenced in 2005 and focuses on the neurobiology of emerging severe mental illness during late brain development. This grant was refunded for a further 5 years commencing from 2009 (>$10 million). He has won a number of national and international awards for his work in schizophrenia. Prof Pantelis~ clinical work has focussed on chronic schizophrenia and severe mental disorders. He developed an active rehabilitation program since his return to Australia, managing patients with the most severe and disabling forms of illness. Together with an interdisciplinary team he developed a comprehensive model of care for the management of severe mental disorders, in the context of community developments in Victoria. He has been dedicated to producing the best outcomes for those most disadvantaged by severe mental disorders. He has led the way in developing optim   


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  • Royal College of Psychology. Member 2004 -


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  • Prof Pantelis has attracted > $30 million in principal and collaborative research funding (since 1998), including: o 2 NHMRC Program Grants (2005-2013); o 12 NHMRC Project Grants o NHMRC Enabling Grant (ID: 386500) supported by further funding from The Pratt Foundation (2006-2010) o Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals Grant for study of Bipolar Disorder (2007-2010) o Victorian Neurotrauma Initiative(2006) o Stanley Research Centre Grant for study of Schizophrenia (2003-2005) o establishment funding for Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre (2000-2009)   


Education and training

  • MD, University of Melbourne 2005
  • MB, Institution not known 1979
  • BS, Institution not known 1979



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