• Greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural systems - mainly livestock (methane, nitrous oxide)
  • Nitrogen cycling in intensive grazing systems (nitrogen, ammonia, nitrate, volatilisation, denitrification, leaching)
  • Whole farm systems modelling of climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation strategies (Production, nutrient cycling and emissions)



    • Richard Eckard is Professor and Director of the Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre (, a joint research initiative between the University of Melbourne and the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries. 
    • His research focuses on strategies for reducing enteric methane and nitrous oxide from intensive grazing systems, and whole farm systems modelling of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in livestock production. 
    • Richard holds a number of national and international science leadership roles, being a keynote speaker at a number of industry and international science conferences over the past few years. 
    • He is a science advisor to the Australian, New Zealand and UK governments, and the UN FAO, on climate change adaptation, mitigation and policy development in agriculture. 
    • Richard has authored over 100 scientific publications and over 100 conference papers, with 50 peer reviewed journal papers, 35 conference papers and 7 book chapters on since 2010.


Member of

  • Australian Society of Soil Science. Nominated by Federal Minister's for Agriculture and Climate Change 2015 -
  • American Dairy Science Association. Member 2009 to date 2009 -
  • National Climate Change Research Program Expert Advisory Committee. Member since 2008 2008 -
  • Greenhouse Gas and Animal Agriculture Conference, International Science Committee. Member since 2007 2005 -
  • Fertiliser Industry Federation of Australia, FERTCARE, Technical Committee. Member 2004 -
  • Grassland Society of Southern Australia. Member since 1998 1998 -


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Additional Grant Information

    • Research Fellowship, University of Tasmania. Dairy Research and Development Corporation DAT058. January 1995 to July 1997. $206,229 
    • Economic options for sustaining higher stocking rates of dairy cows on perennial ryegrass /clover pasture throughout lactation. Project no DAT063/UT006. Australian Dairy Research and Development Corporation. Chief Investigator, July 1996 to June 1997. $108,000 
    • Study tour of Canada and the USA – Dairy Australia grant UT007. June – July 1997. $8,700. 
    • Best management practices for nitrogen in intensive dairy production systems. Strategic Partnerships with Industry Research and Training (SPIRT) Scheme to the Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Australian Research Council. Project no. C19804739. January 1998 to December 2000. $204,459.
    • Best management practices for nitrogen in intensive dairy production systems. Project no DAV413. Australian Dairy Research and Development Corporation. January 1998 to December 2000. $ 221,060. 
    • A Decision Support Framework for Greenhouse Accounting on Australian Dairy Farms - Dairy Australia grant UM10667. July 2001 to June 2002. $60,000 
    • Measuring Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Agriculture – Capital Equipment Grant, Department of Primary Indsutries, Victoria, 2001. Total value: $ 1,251,842.
    • Supplementary proposal for a new non-CO2 program within the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting. AusIndustry Federal Grant.
      o National Non-CO2 program leader July 2003 – July 2005 $1.35M. 
    • Whole Farm Systems Analysis and Tools for the Australian and New Zealand Grazing Industries - UM12127/ B.MGS.0035. 1 February 2006 - 30th December 2008 Dairy Australia: $1,031,250; Meat and Livestock Australia:


Education and training

  • PhD, University of Natal 1994
  • MSc(Agric), University of Natal 1987
  • BSc(Agric), University of Natal 1983

Awards and honors

  • Future Farming Systems Research Staff Awards - Outstanding Scientific Paper, Department of Primary Industries, 2011
  • DPI Primary Elements Sustainability Initiative Award for the DPI Action Agenda on Climate Change, Department of Primary Industries, 2005
  • Primary Industries Research Victoria Innovation Award - The multi-campus communications model within Greenhouse in Agriculture, Department of Primary Industries, 2003
  • Primary Industries Research Victoria - Sustainability Initiative Award for the projects efforts towards ensuring a sustainable and viable agricultural, Department of Primary Industries, 2003
  • DPI Primary Elements Sustainability Initiative Award for Greenhouse in Agriculture, Department of Primary Industries, 2003
  • Not in List, 1995



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