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  • Parliaments, Parties, Party interaction, Multi-party Government, Coalitions, Green Parties (Parliaments,)



  • Dr Katrin Steinack is Research Manager at the Faculty of Arts. With a PhD in Political Science and a MA in Political Science, Contemporary History and Public Law, she has empirical research experience in parliamentary and legislative studies and in contemporary history. Prior to moving to Melbourne in 2010, Katrin was the Research Administrator in Canterbury, UK where she established Kent Law School's research office from scratch.

    Academically, she has held teaching and research positions at Monash University's Department of Management, the Department of Politics & International Relations at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK,  the University of the German Federal Armed Forces' Institute of Political Science in Munich, the Center for Applied Policy Research in Munich, and Munich's Institute for Contemporary History.   


Member of

  • Australasian Studies of Parliament Group. Member 2010 -
  • Australian Political Studies Association. Member 2010 -
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESCR), UK. Peer Review College 2010 -
  • Political Studies Association (PSA), UK. Member 2007 - 2011


Selected publications


Additional Grant Information

  • 2010 (joint investigator with Ken Coghill & Peter Holland) Monash University – Faculty for Business and Economics Category 1 Research Grant Scheme : ‘Learning better ministerial skills’. Worth AU$ 6.000 (including complementary co-funding from the Department of Management) this grant supported the preparation of a funding application to ARC’s Discovery scheme 2011.
    2009 (sole investigator) Kent University – Social Science Faculty Small Grant Scheme : ‘Parliamentary Opposition on a sub-national level – a tri-national comparison of opposition structures and strategies’.
    2008 (sole investigator) Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) – ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme : ‘The influence of party identities on opposition strategies in parliament. Policy making on a territorial level’. Worth approx. $ 170,000, the fellowship program explored the connection between a party group’s socio-cultural background and the way its members interact in parliament.   


Education and training

  • Dr rer Pol, 2004
  • Dr rer. pol., Universitat der Bundeswehr Munchen 2004
  • M.A., Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich 1998

Awards and honors

  • ESCR Postdoctoral Scholarship, Economic and Social Research Council (UK), 2008