• Built Environment and Health (Impact of built environment on children through to older adults; evaluation of built environment interventions)
  • Built Environment and health



  • Professor Billie Giles-Corti is Director of the McCaughey VicHealth Community Wellbeing Unit, University of Melbourne and Lead Investigator of the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Healthy Liveable Communities. For two decades, she and a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and postgraduate research students have been studying the impact of the built environment on health and wellbeing outcomes. Professor Giles-Corti collaborates with research teams across Australia, in Canada, the US, Denmark and the UK.  She is currently leading a National Liveability Project funded by the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre; a co-investigator on Brisbane's NHMRC-funded longitudinal HABITAT study of adults over 45 years and the ARC-funded Kids in the Community Study. She is also a Chief Investigator on ENABLE London, a natural experiment studying the health impacts of the London Olympic Legacy housing projects on low income households who relocate into social and affordable housing in East Village. She is an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, an Honorary Fellow of both the Planning Institute of Australia and the Public Health Association and a Fulbright Senior Scholar (Stanford University 2008). In 2011, she was awarded the PHA’s Inaugural Mentor of the Year. Professor Giles-Corti has published over 200 articles and reports, and in 2014, was included in Thomson Reuters’ list of Highly Cited Researchers, ranking her among the top 1% researchers globally by citations in the social sciences field.   


Member of

  • Australian Health Promotion Association. Committee Member, 1988-1989 1997 -
  • Curtin Alumni Association. Honorary Life Member 1997 -
  • Public Health Association. WA President 1997-1998; Treasure 1992-1994 1997 -


Selected publications


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Additional Grant Information

  • Current international grants

    1. PI Dr. Christopher Owen, co-applicants Prof. Peter Whincup, Prof. Derek Cook, Dr. Anne Ellaway (MRC Social and Public Health Science Unit, Glasgow) Prof. Billie Gilles-Corti (University of Melbourne, Australia), Dr. Alicja Rudnicka, Prof. Ashley Cooper (University of Bristol). National Prevention Research Initiative – Medical Research Council ‘Will moving into social and affordable housing in the Athletes’ Village increase family physical activity levels? Evaluation of a natural experiment’ Award £684,981 for 42 months (June 2012);
    2. PI Dr. Christopher Owen, co-applicants Prof. Peter Whincup, Prof. Derek Cook, Dr. Alicja Rudnicka (St George's, University of London), Prof. Steven Cummins, Dr. Daniel Lewis (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), Prof. Ashley Cooper, Dr. Angie Page (University of Bristol), Prof. Billie Gilles-Corti (University of Melbourne, Australia).National Institute of Health Research – Public Health Programme ‘Does active design increase walking and cycling? Evaluation of a natural experiment examining whether moving into housing in East Village increases family levels of physical activity, particularly walking and cycling.’ Award £607,327 for 46 months (Jan 2014 - 2017).

    Current nationally competitive grants (NHMRC, NHF, ARC)

    1. Wilson A, Redman S, Shiell A, Bauman A, Bowen S, Roberts L, Baur L, Giles-Corti (Lead, Non-Health systems Research Node ($640k allocated in Year 1 and 2), Eades S, Friel S. Systems Perspectives on Preventing Lifestyle-Related Chronic Health Problems. NHMRC. # 9100001 2013-2017 $20 million ($4m per year).
    2. Giles-Corti B, Turrell G, Bull F, Whitzman C, Washington S, Sugiyama T, Shiell A, Veerman L, Knuiman M, Kavanagh A. Centre for Research Excellence in Healthy, Liveable and Equitable Communities #1061404. NHMRC. $2,499,061 (2013 $123,381; 2014 $496,624; 2015 $509,676; 2015 $   


Education and training

  • PhD, The University of Western Australia 1998
  • MASc, Curtin University of Technology 1988
  • GDipHSc, Western Australia Institute of Technology 1986
  • BApSc, 1984

Awards and honors

  • NHMRC Fellowship, 2016
  • Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher, 2014
  • Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia, 2012
  • Mentor of the Year Award, Public Health Association, 2011
  • Fellow of the Public Health Association of Australia, 2008
  • ITT Fulbright Fellowship, 2007



Available for supervision

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