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  • Medical Anthropology
  • Reproductive & Sexual Health



  • Dr Linda Rae Bennett is a medical anthropologist based at the Nossal Institute for Global Health in the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. She is Head of the International Education and Learning Unit at the Nossal Institute, which delivers a wide range of for-credit subjects and short courses in the area of Global Health. Her key areas of expertise are reproductive and sexual health and rights, gender based violence, and gendered health inequities. She has worked in multiple countries in Asia and the Pacific, and is an international leader in research into sexual and reproductive health in Indonesia. Her extensive expertise in reproductive and sexual health and rights has included work on: premarital pregnancy and abortion; family planning; reproductive/sex education; adolescent marriage and motherhood; maternal and neonatal health; HIV and AIDS; sexual violence; domestic violence; polygamy; courtship, social transformations and youth sexual risk; sexual morality and gender discrimination in health care; patient rights and education; infertility and social suffering; reproductive travel; the human papilloma virus and cervical cancer. Dr Bennett’s current research interests include reproductive cancers in Indonesia, compromised fertility in Indonesia, and a continued commitment to better understanding patterns of and solutions to gender based violence in Asia and the Pacific. Dr Bennett has cross-disciplinary training and is passionate about research capacity building both in Australia and abroad. She enjoys facilitating research training that demonstrates how qualitative and quantitative techniques can work together to produce rigorous outcomes with strong policy applications. Her contributions to translational research have focused on: identifying barriers and solutions to women and youth accessing high quality reproductive and sexual health services; understanding the nexus between the health work force and patients in specific cultural contexts;    Dr Linda Rae Bennett is a medical anthropologist, whose work has concentrated on gender, sexuality, and biological and social reproduction in South East Asia, Australia and the Pacific. She has worked extensively with Indonesian women and youth, as well as women and young people living within Australia's diverse migrant communities. Key research projects at present include a comprehensive investigation of infertility in Indonesia, ongoing research into early motherhood in Eastern Indonesia, a co-edited book with Sharyn Davies on Indonesian sexualities and sexual health in the Reformasi era, and research with Indonesian migrant women in Australia. In her investigations of gender, sexuality and reproduction Dr Bennett is increasingly engaged in investigating the roles of medical technologies and social media in mediating the lives and health of her research participants. Dr Bennett is also committed to capacity in research methods in resource poor communities, and to increasing awareness of how qualitative and quantitative techniques can work together to produce rigorous outcomes with strong policy applications. As an international consultant, she has worked with AusAID, GTZ, WHO, World Vision Australia and the Global Forum for Health. Her books and special editions of journals include: Sex and Sexualities in Contemporary Indonesia: Sexual Politics, Health, Diversity and Representations (ed. with S. Davies), 2014; 'Women and Gender Politics in Asia and the Pacific', Special edition of Intersections (ed. with P. Mahy & T. Jacka), 2011; 'Indonesian Youth Today: Body, Sexuality and Gender', Special edition of Intersections (ed. with L. Parker), 2008; Women, Islam and Modernity: Single Women, Sexuality and Reproductive Health in Contemporary Indonesia , 2005; Violence Against Women in Asian Societies (ed. with L. Manderson), 2003.



Selected publications


Additional Grant Information


    2014-2017: Southeast Asian Women, Family, and Migration in the Global Era (with L. Butt, L. Mitchell & D. McKay), ESHIRE Insight Grant - Canada;
    2010-2014: Compromised Fertility in Contemporary Indonesia, Australian Research Council Future Fellowship;
    2004-2009: Muslim Youth, Social Connectedness, and Reproductive/Sex Education, VicHealth Victorian Public Health Fellowship;
    2006-2009: Ambivalent Adolescents in Indonesia (with L. Parker, P. Nilan & K. Robinson), ARC Discovery Grant;
    2002-2004: Islam, Reproductive Rights and Health Advocacy in Southeast Asia, La Trobe University Postdoctoral Fellowship.   


Education and training

  • PhD Med Anth, The University of Queensland 2002
  • MA Trop Health, The University of Queensland 1995
  • BAHons 1st Class, Griffith University 1994



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