A/PROF Greg Martin

A/PROF Greg Martin


  • Biofuel production processes (Fermentation, microalgae, lignocellulose)
  • Dairy processing (Casein micelles, powder, concentration)
  • Microalgal processing (Cell disruption, lipid extraction, biomass processing)



  • Dr Greg Martin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Melbourne. His research in the field of bioprocess engineering aims to develop fundamental understanding for application in large-scale biotechnological processes. This has included research into the bioconversion of lignocellulose to ethanol, application of bacteriophage to wastewater treatment, and investigations into the physicochemical aspects of dairy processing. He currently leads the Algal Processing Group, a research group that is developing efficient downstream processing technologies for the conversion of microalgal biomass into different bioproducts. Dr Martin's research interests include:

    Microalgal processing
    - Efficient large-scale cell disruption of microalgae using high pressure homogenisation
    - Application of advanced lipidomic methods to microalgal biotechnology
    - Development of efficient lipid extraction processes for concentrated microalgal pastes

    Dairy processing
    - Physicochemical behaviour of milk during membrane filtration and the manufacture and rehydration of dairy powders
    - Dynamics and structure of casein micelles
    - Functionalised milk streams and double emulsions

    Biofuel production processes
    - Recovery of triacylglycerides from microalgae for biodiesel production
    - Dilute acid hydrolysis and enzymatic conversion of lignocellulose to fermentable sugars
    - Recombinant bacteria for fermentation of lignocellulose-derived sugars to ethanol


Selected publications


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Additional Grant Information

  • 2013: G. Martin, D. Callahan, D. Dias and D. Hill, 'Towards sustainable microalgal biofuels production: understanding how to influence microalgal lipidomes', Interdisciplinary Seed Grant, Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI), University of Melbourne, $40K

    2012-2014: S. Gras, D.Tillett, G. Martin, A. Stickland and P. Scales, 'Bacteriophages for foam control in wastewater processing', ARC Linkage Project with Melbourne Water Corporation, SA Water Corporation, Water Corporation of WA, Australian Research Council, ARC funding $210K 

    2011-2013: D. Dunstan, G. Martin, V. Chen, D. Harvie, M. Davidson and E. Ponnampalam, 'A fundamental study of milk ultrafiltration', ARC Linkage Project with Dairy Innovation Australia Limited, Australian Research Council, ARC funding $300K

    2011: C. Manzie, P. Scales, G. Martin, R. Crawford, L. Glover and P. Herps, 'Future transport scenarios', Interdisciplinary Seed Grant, Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI), University of Melbourne, $40K

    2011: G. Bossinger, G. Martin and I. Moller, 'Towards the development of a biofuels roadmap for Australia', Interdisciplinary Seed Grant, Bio21, Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI), Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI), University of Melbourne   


Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 2008
  • MEngSci, University of Melbourne 2005
  • BASc, Queen's University at Kingston 1998



Available for supervision

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