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DR Rhian Parker


  • Primary Health Care (Family violence)



  • Rhian Parker has expertise in women's health particularly focussing on tow areas: cosmetic surgery and family violence. Rhian's PhD was on cosmetic surgery looking at motivation, communication and risk. She subsequently wrote a book from her thesis. Rhian now works in the area of family violence where she convenes the Melbourne Alliance to End ViolencE against women and their children (MAEVE). The alliance is a cross disciplinary group across the university which works towards research and action to end violence against women and children. MAEVE is partnered with the Safer Families Centre of Research Excellence. MAEVE also works with a group of women survivors of family and sexual violence to focus on research priorities identified by survivors.   


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Education and training

  • MPET, Deakin University 2007
  • MSc, Monash University 2006
  • MSc, Wales 1982
  • BSc(Hons), Wales 1977