DR Darius von Guttner

DR Darius von Guttner


  • Christianisation (Conversion, Church, Europe)
  • Crusade, Idea of Crusade, Conversion, Christianity, Baltic, Military Orders (Wends, Slavs, Prussia, Pomerania, Denmark)
  • Gallus Anonymus, Gall Anonim, Cronicae et gesta ducum sive principum Polonorum (Medieval narrative sources)
  • Global History
  • Idea of Crusade (Conversion, Mission, Christianity)
  • Master Vincentius, Mistrz Wincenty Kadlubek, Chronica Polonorum (Medieval narrative sources)
  • Medieval History (Piast Dynasty)
  • Military Orders (Knights Hospitaller, Knights Templar)
  • Papacy, North Central Europe, Middle Ages (Roman Catholic Church Relations with North Central Europe)
  • Peter of Dusburg, Petrus de Dusburg, Chronicon terrae Prussiae (Medieval narrative sources)
  • Teaching (Teaching History, Australian Curriculum)
  • Wendish Crusade (Conversion, Slavs, Christianity)



  • Darius von Güttner is a historian with an interest in medieval and global history. He is involved in interdisciplinary research and teaches subjects which examine history from a global perspective. He researches the common patterns which emerged across all cultures, in aspects of history which have drawn people together and the examinations of these patterns. Darius has also a strong research interest in education and in particular the issues affecting education in regional culturally, linguistically and economically diverse communities of learning and the use of emerging technologies to facilitate equity in education.   


Selected publications


Additional Grant Information

  • https://unimelb.academia.edu/DariusvonGuettner   


Education and training

  • Ph.D., University of Melbourne

Awards and honors

  • Research Fellow, German Historical Institute, Warsaw, Poland, 2011
  • Special Contribution to the Teaching and Learning of History, The History Teachers' Association of Victoria, 2010
  • Member of the Australian College of Education, 2010
  • International Fellow, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Southern Denmark, 2006
  • Fay Marles Scholarship, The University of Melbourne, 2004



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • Darius is available to supervise honours and RHD students in history, education and teaching. Given his linguistic, cultural and teaching expertise he is also available to assist with the supervision of other areas of research related to Central Europe, Germany, the Holocaust and Revolutions in France and Russia.