PROF Stefan Arndt

PROF Stefan Arndt


  • Adaptations of plants to the environment and changing environmental conditions (Water relations, plant traits, trait expression)
  • Assessment of the effects of environmental stresses on plants and their responses (Ecophysiology)
  • Biogeochemistry of terrestrial ecosystems, particularly the ecosystem carbon dynamics under changing climatic conditions (Carbon, nitrogen and water exchange in ecosystems)
  • Carbon balance of forest biomes (CO2 uptake, soil respiration)
  • Evaluation of ecological and physiological mechanisms that enable growth and survival of plants and communities (Functional traits)
  • Mechanisms of drought tolerance in tree species (Water relations, plant stress, plant hydraulics)
  • Non CO2 greenhouse gas fluxes in Australian landscapes (Methane, nitrous oxide)
  • The interface between plants and their environment, physiological responses of plants to their abiotic and biotic environment (Drought stress)
  • The role of plants in the functioning of ecosystems (Ecophysiology, plant traits)



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    Professor Stefan Arndt completed his PhD in plant ecophysiology at the University of Vienna in 2000 and is working at the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences of the University of Melbourne since 2002.

    The major focus of his research is on the interface between plants and their environment. Stefan is particularly interested to understand how plants respond to environmental stresses like heat or drought and how we can use this knowledge to select plants for future climates. He also investigates how ecosystems respond to changes in climate and how processes like the carbon balance and fluxes of greenhouse gases in forest ecosystems are influenced by environmental conditions. His contribution to this field has been to use physiological and ecological measures to increase our understanding of how ecosystems function and how we can better manage them. Stefan’s research team investigates the carbon-, water- and greenhouse gas exchanges in native ecosystems in Australia. Since 2010 Stefan studies ecosystem processes at the Wombat Flux Supersite, one of 12 long-term research sites in Australia that are funded by the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network. Stefan coordinates the Climate Change stream in the Master of the Environment and he teaches subjects in climate change science. He has been the Director of the Burnley Campus since 2011 and has led the transition of the campus form a pure teaching campus to a modern urban horticulture demonstration centre with a strong research, teaching and outreach focus.    


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Additional Grant Information

  • Australian Research Council
    DP170102766 Temperature sensitivity of soil respiration and its components. Pendall, Arndt, Tjoelker, van Gorsel, Davidson, Haverd, 2018-2020, $405k LP140100885 Species traits, substrates and stormwater grates: improving the health of urban trees by using polluted stormwater as a resource. Livesley, Fletcher, Kachenko, Morison, Arndt, Coughlan, 2015-18, 333,000 (ARC) 90,000 (Mel Water) 60,000 (CW Water) 50,000 (NGIA)
    DP120101735 Methane uptake of forest soils. Arndt, Livesley, von Fischer 2012-2014 270,000
    LP100100073 Impacts of deforestation and afforestation on greenhouse gas emissions, and carbon and water resources in the Daly River catchment, north Australia.
    Hutley, Beringer, Livesley, Arndt, Boggs 2010-2013 308,000 (ARC) 75,000 (DCC) 5,000 (NRETAS) 15,000 (RDPFIR) 45,000 (NTRIB)
    LP0990704 Green roofs – improving urban environments in a changing climate. Williams, Arndt, Williams, Dunett 380,000 (ARC), 150,000 (Melb Water & DSE)
    LP0883573 Combining recycled water use, biofuel production and phytoremediation of contaminated land and biosolids. Baker; Arndt; Gregory 2008-2011 300,000 (ARC) 270,000 (Melb Water)
    LP0774812 Integrative assessment of disturbance and land-use change on total greenhouse gas balance and nutrient cycling in savanna ecosystems
    Hutley; Beringer; Arndt; Livesley; Cook; Butterbach-Bahl. 2007-2009 190,000 (ARC) 90,000 (AGO et al)
    LE0882936 Mobile Ecosystem Gas-exchange Analyzer (MEGA) Arndt, Livesley, Beringer 2007 130,000 (ARC) 130,000 (Universities)
    LP0455475 Non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions in afforested ecosystems in southeastern Australia - fluxes, processes and regional budget. Arndt, Weston, Butterbach-Bahl, Livesley 2004-2007 416,144 (ARC) 120,000 (DSE & AGO)

    Non ARC funding
    Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN), Ecosystem Processes, 2019-23, $411,000 Terrestrial Ecosystem    


Education and training

  • Dr rer nat, University of Vienna 2000



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • I am available for supervision for PhD and Masters research project in the areas of Plant Ecophysiology and Ecosystem Ecology. Of particular interest are projects on drought and stress adaptation of trees and carbon and greenhouse gas balances of ecosystems.