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PROF Jan Stephanus Jakob van Deventer


  • Commercialisation of technology
  • Conversion of waste materials into low CO2 cement
  • Mineral processing



  • Jannie van Deventer was educated in South Africa, where he was Head of Chemical Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch. In 1995 he became Professor of Mineral and Process Engineering at the University of Melbourne. From 2003 to 2007 he served as Dean of Engineering. Since 2010 he is an Honorary Professorial Fellow and continues research into geopolymers and mineral processing. Since 2006 Jannie has been the CEO of Zeobond, which is commercialising low CO2 alkali-activated concrete products. He previously commercialised computer vision technology in the mineral industry, and continues to be involved in the commercialisation of precious metal extraction processes. His publication record of more than 600 papers includes 278 journal papers. He is author of the highest ever cited papers in two journals in mineral processing. In February 2014 he was the world’s highest cited researcher in cement and concrete science. He has supervised to completion 30 Master’s and 38 PhD theses.   


Member of

  • Engineering Council UK. Chartered Engineer 2005 -
  • Institution of Engineers Australia. Fellow 2005 -
  • The Science Council UK. Chartered Scientist 2005 -
  • Institution of Chemical Engineers. Fellow 2004 -


Selected publications


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Education and training

  • DEng, University of Stellenbosch 1999
  • DCom, University of South Africa 1991
  • PhD, University of Stellenbosch 1985
  • Hons.B.Com., University of South Africa 1982
  • Hons.B.Eng., University of Stellenbosch 1978

Awards and honors

  • The Next Big Thing Award, INNOVIC, 2008
  • ExxonMobil Award, Institution of Chemical Engineers, 2006
  • Listed as one of the 100 most influential engineers in Australia in 2004, 2005 and 2006, Engineers Australia, 2004
  • Classified as an "A" category researcher, Foundation for Research Development (FRD) in South Africa, 1994
  • Silver Medal for international research, British Association, 1992
  • International industry experience, Foundation for Research Development (FRD) in South Africa, 1992
  • President's Award for international research impact, Foundation for Research Development (FRD) in South Africa, 1991
  • Researcher of the Year, Faculty of Engineering, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, 1990
  • P.E. Rousseau award for excellence, Chemical Industry, South Africa, 1984