DR Philippe Boeuf

DR Philippe Boeuf


  • Pathogenesis of placental malaria (Placenta, malaria, infection, inflammation)



  • Dr Philippe Boeuf is a research fellow at the Department of Medicine at The University of Melbourne. During his PhD at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, and using a combination of lab-based and field research, he showed that severe anaemia and cerebral malaria, the two main forms of severe paediatric malaria, were associated with specific immune profiles. In 2005, he joined the lab of Pr Stephen Rogerson and focused his efforts on gaining a better understanding of the pathogenetic mechanisms underlying the poor outcomes associated with placental malaria. He has generated seminal data on decreased transplacental transport of maternal nutrients as a mechanism of disease in malaria in pregnancy. This discovery opens the way to intervention studies to alleviate the burden of malaria in pregnancy.   


Member of

  • Australian Society for Medical Research. Member 2012 -
  • Australian Society for Parasitology. Member 2010 -
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science. Member 2008 -
  • ARC/NHMRC Research Network for Parasitology. Member 2006 -
  • International Federation of Placenta Associations. Member 2006 -


Selected publications


Additional Grant Information

  • I have been awarded an Early Career Research Grant by the University of Melbourne for 2009 to study malaria parasite placental adhesion and ways to prevent it. I was also awarded a Researcher Exchange Fellowship from the ARC/NHMRC Research Network for Parasitology in 2007 to get trained at placental techniques in the laboratory of Dr Jo Glazier in Manchester, UK. I am CIA on an NHMRC Project Grant starting in 2011 focused on understanding malaria parasite placental adhesion and ways to prevent it.   


Education and training

  • DEA de Parasitologie, University of Montpellier
  • MBCP, University of Paris VII: Jussieu
  • These en Immunologie, Universite Denis Diderot (Paris VII) 2004

Awards and honors

  • Travel Award, ARC/NHMRC Research Network for Parasitology, 2012
  • ARC/NHMRC Research Network for Parasitology, 2011
  • Australian Society for Parasitology Early Career Researcher Prize, 2010



Available for supervision

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