A/PROF Rory Nathan

A/PROF Rory Nathan


  • engineering hydrology (modelling, environmental, risk, yield, land-use change, climate change)



  • Rory Nathan has over 35 years’ experience in engineering and environmental hydrology. He has spent the majority of his career in private industry, and now focuses his time on research and teaching in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering. He has made a substantial contribution to industry best practice in a range of engineering and environmental fields, particularly in the use of stochastic methods of flood estimation, the characterisation of hydrologic risk, regional estimation techniques in catchment hydrology, and the assessment of sustainable limits on water resources. He is a co-editor and contributing author of the current national guidelines on flood estimation, and for many years he was Australia’s representative on the International Committee of Large Dams floods committee and a member of the hydrology sub-committee of the NSW Dams Safety Council. He has published around 200 research papers on engineering and environmental hydrology in journals, books, and refereed conference proceedings. His research publications have won several national and international awards, including four medals awarded by Engineers Australia for the best annual paper in civil engineering. In 2000 he was awarded national "Civil Engineer of the Year" by Engineers Australia, and in 2009 he was recognised as one of Australia’s “Most Influential Engineers”.



Member of

  • Institution of Engineers Australia. Fellow 1992 -
  • Board of Professional Egineers Queensland. Registered Professional Egineers Queensland 2014 - 2015


Selected publications


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Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 1990
  • MSci, Imperial College London 1984
  • DIC, Imperial College London 1984
  • BE(Agr), University of Melbourne 1979

Awards and honors

  • W.H. Warren Medal for best paper published by Engineers Australia in civil engineering, Engineers Australia, 2005
  • National Civil Engineer of the Year, Engineers Australia, 2000
  • G.N. ALexander Medal for best paper published by Engineers Australia in hydrology and water resources, Engineers Australia, 1998
  • Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Best Research Paper Award., America Society of Civil Engineers, 1997