A/PROF Odilia Wijburg

A/PROF Odilia Wijburg


  • Immunobiology of bacterial infections at the mucosal surfaces
  • Immunobiology of bacterial infections at the mucosal surfaces
  • Influenza virus and Streptococcus pneumoniae synergism



Member of

  • Australasian Society for Immunology. President of Mucosal Immunology Special Interest Group 2008 -


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Additional Grant Information

  • Travel awards from The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (1994, 1995, 1997), The Ian Potter Foundation (2003), the CRC for Vaccine Technology and The CASS Foundation (2004). Stipend from CRC-Vaccine Technology to attend Leadership and Career Development course at Melbourne Business School. Chief Investigator on JDRF funded project grant (Brodnicki (PI), Wijburg, Strugnell, Belz, Smyth) Early Career Research Grant from The University of Melbourne (2006) Chief Investigator on Grand Challenges in Global Health (Gates Foundation) to Curtiss III and 10 other co-investigators (incl. Wijburg)   


Education and training

  • GCUT, University of Melbourne 2013
  • PhD, University of The Netherlands 1997
  • MSc, University of The Netherlands 1993

Awards and honors

  • Melbourne Medical School Early Career Teaching Award, 2014
  • Pfizer 'Robert Austrian Award for Pneumoccocal Vaccination', 2010



Available for supervision

  • Y