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DR John Ford


  • Fisheries and seafood sustainability (accreditation)
  • Marine habitat restoration (seagrass, shellfish)
  • Metapopulations and connectivity (source-sink)
  • Temperate reef ecology (fish, Port Phillip Bay)



  • John Ford is a marine and fisheries ecologist with a research interest on the coastal habitat restoration and the sustainability of Australia’s fisheries. He combines expertise in experimental and observational field ecology with a passion for our sustainable use of marine resources. John has spent the last eight years at The University of Melbourne researching fish ecology, conducting over 500 scientific dives and has become expert on the underwater world around Melbourne and the Victorian coastline. John is known locally and internationally as an expert on seafood sustainability and has worked as an assessor for the Marine Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Australia Seafood Assessment Program. He is also a regular presenter on RRR radio’s Sunday marine show “Radio Marinara” and is a contributor to the website. Current research projects include wokring with commercial fishers to address seagrass decline in Corner Inlet, and restoring the lost shellfish reefs of Port Phillip Bay.   


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Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 2015
  • BEvnSc, University of New South Wales 2004


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