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A/PROF Elizabeth Algar


  • Molecular diagnostic testing for paediatric solid tumors and leukaemias
  • Molecular genetic and epigenetics of paediatric cancer and cancer syndromes



  • Dr. Elizabeth Algar has had nearly 20 years experience working on the genetics of paediatric cancer and cancer prediposition syndromes. She has published 38 articles in the peer-reviewed international literature. Dr. Algar is the head of a NATA accredited molecular genetics diagnostic and research group located within the Children's Cancer Centre at the Royal Children's Hospital and is funded by the Children's Cancer Centre Foundation. She is a regular reviewer for international scientific journals including Clincal Cancer Research, Cancer Research and Haematologica.

    My key research interest is in understanding the genetic and epigenetic basis for cancer in childhood. Cancers that arise at a very early age, present ideal opportunities for the identification of key genes and pathways important in cell transformation, as they arise from cells that have not yet been exposed to a life-long accumulation of genetic and epigenetic damage. I am one of few researchers within Australia working in this area.

    Audio visual presentation - Application of methylation sensitve high resolution melting in the diagnosis of growth disorders. At under members log-in   


Member of

  • Australian Childhood Cancer Clinical Trails Study Committee. Member 2009 -
  • Australian Sarcoma Study Group. Invited member 2008 -
  • Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute. Subcomittee member molecular haematology 2008 -
  • Molecular Genetics Society of Australasia. ordinary membership 2007 -
  • Clinical Oncology Society of Australasia. ordinary membership 2006 -
  • Human Genetics Society of Australasia. ordinary membership 1998 -
  • American Society for Human Genetics. Overseas affiliate 1997 -


Selected publications


Additional Grant Information

  • 1991. Royal Children's Hospital Foundation ( Brisbane ) Fellowship
    1992-1994. University of Queensland Post-doctoral Fellowship.
    1995. Queensland Cancer Fund Travel Award ( $4,500 ).
    1998. Lorne Cancer Conference Poster prize. Molecular analysis of genes on 11p15.5 in Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome.

    2004. CASS Foundation Travel Award

    2006 MCRI "Insights into the epigentics of rhabdoid tumor" ($13,000) 2009 MCRI "Investigating the genetics of Wilms tumor predisposition" ($14,400) 2008 commerical contract with Novartis ' Epigentic therapies for rhabdoid tumor" (D Ashley and E Algar), ($40,000)

    2007.  Link and Learn grant from the Victorian Cancer Agency

    Other research grants

    1992-1994. E.M. Algar and P.J. Smith " Molecular Pathology of childhood Embryonal Tumours ". ( $40,000 pa.) Queensland Cancer Fund.
    1994-1996. E.M.Algar. "Transcription factors in haemopoiesis and leukaemia ".( $54,000 pa. ) Queensland Cancer Fund.
    1995-1996. E.M.Algar. " Molecular genetics of childhood leukaemia " ( $ 77,000 pa. ) Royal Children's Hospital Foundation ( Brisbane ).
    1996-1997. M.Little and E.M.Algar. " Preliminary investigations into the involvement of chromosome 1q21-22 genes in Wilms' tumour and leukaemia". ($ 45,395 pa ) Queensland Cancer Fund
    1997-1999. E.M.Algar. Studies on the WT1 gene in Wilms' tumour and leukaemia.( $46,795 pa ) Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Royal Children's Hospital. Melbourne
    1998-2000. E.M.Algar and P.J.Smith. Molecular mechanisms in Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome. ( $67,000 pa ) NHMRC.
    2000. E.M.Algar. Isolation and characterization of genes expressed during differentiation in leukaemic cells. ( $40,000 ) Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.
    2001. E.M.Algar. Molecular mechanisms in Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome ( $ 87,000 )



Education and training

  • PhD, Griffith University 1989
  • MSc, La Trobe University 1983
  • BSc, University of Melbourne 1976

Awards and honors

  • International Journal of Molecular Medicine, 2007
  • Lorne Cancer Conference, 1998
  • Griffith University post-graduate scholarship, 1986
  • Commonwealth post-graduate research award, 1980



Available for supervision

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