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PROF David Macmillan


  • Invertebrate Zoology/Neuroethology of crustaceans (Neurobiology, behaviour, crustacea, mechanoreceptors, growth, development, nervous system)



  • Trained in Zoology and Physiology at Monash University, completing Honours with Professor Mollie Holman. After a period at the University of Sydney, took up a Fellowship at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. This lead to Fellowships at the Friday Harbor Laboratories and the PhD was completed between Friday Harbor and Eugene. The focus of interest was invertebrate neurobiology and behaviour - how it is that invertebrates can compete with vertebrates when they have so much simpler nervous systems and fewer cells by orders of magnitude. This has been the focus of study ever since and lead to post doctoral fellowships and eventually visiting professorships in Europe and the USA. Headship of the Department of Zoology at the University of Melbourne from 2003-2008   


Member of

  • Editor in Chief, Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology. Editor, and Chair of Advisory Board 1993 -
  • International Society for Neuroethology. Ordinary member 1993 -
  • Australian Neurosciences Association. Ordinary member 1990 -
  • Australian Marine Sciences Association. Ordinary member 1980 -
  • Neuroscience Society. International member 1975 -
  • Society for Experimental Biology. Ordinary member 1975 -


Selected publications


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Education and training

  • PhD, University of Oregon 1972
  • BSc. (Hons.), Monash University 1968

Awards and honors

  • CNRS Marseille, Visiting Research Professor, 2003
  • BUMP Marine Biological Laboratory - Woods Hole Mass - USA, Visiting Professor, 1997
  • Invited to take over Editorship of International Journal - continues to present, Editor in Chief - Marine & Freshwater Behaviour & Physiology, 1993
  • Invited to join the Editoraial Board of International Journal in areas of interest/expertese, Editoral Board of Marine & Freshwater Behaviour & Physiology, 1987
  • University of Regensburg - Germany, Visiting Research Professor, 1980
  • CNRS Marine Laboratory - Arcachon France, Visiting Research Professor, 1979
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship - University of Cologne, The Uropean Brain Research Organisation, 1974
  • Neurosciences Training Award - University of Oregon/University of Washington, National Institutes of Health - USA, 1971
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship - The Gatty Marine Laboratory - St. Andrews - Scotland, Science Research Council - UK, 1971
  • Firday Harbor Laboratories - University of Washinton - Marine Science Training, National Science Foundation - USA, 1970
  • Teaching Fellowship - University of Oregon, University of Oregon, 1969
  • Australian Postgraduate Awarde - University of Sydney, Commonwealth of Australia, 1968