PROF Harold Luntz

PROF Harold Luntz


  • Honorary, Law



  • Harold Luntz is an Emeritus Professor in the Law School. Until his retirement at the end of 2002, he held the George Paton Chair of Law. Thereafter, he continued until 2008 to teach in the postgraduate program. From 1986 to 1988 he was Dean of the Faculty of Law. He was educated in South Africa and at Oxford University, before migrating to Australia in 1965.

    Harold is:
    •the author of Assessment of Damages for Personal Injury and Death (4th edition, 2002);
    •and Assessment of Damages for Personal Injury and Death: General Principles (2006);
    •principal author of Torts: Cases and Commentary (7th edition, 2013); and
    •the author of numerous articles, notes and comments on the law of torts.

    He was the General Editor of the Torts Law Journal (1993 - 2011).

    His publications include:
    •"Reform of the Law of Negligence: Wrong Questions - Wrong Answers" (2002) 8(2) University of NSW Law Journal Forum 18; (2002) 25 UNSWLJ 836;
    •"Guest Editorial: Medical Indemnity and Tort Law Reform" (2003) 10 Journal of Law and Medicine 385;
    •Three papers at symposia on the New Zealand Accident Compensation Scheme:
    1."Looking Back at Accident Compensation: An Australian Perspective" (2003) 34 Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 279;
    2."The Australian Picture" (2004) 35 Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 879;
    3."A View from Abroad" 2008 New Zealand Law Review 97.
    •"Damages in Medical Litigation in New South Wales" (2005) 12 Journal of Law and Medicine 280;
    •"Effects of tort law reform on medical liability" (2005) 79 Australian Law Journal 345 (with Loane Skene);
    •"A Personal Journey through the Law of Torts" (2005) 27    


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  • Unknown. Barrister & Solicitor 2004 -


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  • LLD, Institution not known
  • BCL, University of Oxford
  • BA, University of Witwatersrand
  • LLB, University of Witwatersrand