• Adult and community education
  • Education policy
  • History and Philosophy of Education



  • Teaching
    Due to my leadership and management work over recent years, especially since 2012 as Deputy Dean (in MGSE), I now rarely teach.

    Last century, I came to academia from a decade of primary and secondary school teaching, then became a teacher educator in what was the Faculty of Education. By 2000, I was teaching and researching exclusively in adult and vocational education.

    I have taught off-shore: in 2001, in Bangkok in our DEd program for the Rajabhat Institutes; in 2004, in our MEd Management program at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, in 2004 in our MTraining&Development at Singapore Institute of Management, and in 2006, in our MEd Management at the Academy of Principals, Singapore.

    About 300 publications, with the main 100 centred upon adult education, as it is apparent in professional development, and in workplace and lifelong learning, and upon epistemological, ontological and ethical perspectives on practice. On September 1 2016, my Google Scholar h-index was 21 (over 2000 citations). .

    Between 1999-2016, I have given about 50 conference papers as follows: in Melbourne (variously), Oxford (New College, three times; Dept of Education, once), Johannesburg (UWitwatersrand), Leeds (Trinity and All Souls College), Southampton (USouthampton), Abu Dhabi (Higher Colleges of Technology), Geneva (the International Labour Organisation), Vancouver (UBritish Columbia), Calgary (UCalgary), Madison (UWisconsin-Madison), Honolulu (UHawaii), Sydney (twice at USydney, and twice at UTechnology Sydney), Wollongong (twice at UWollongong), Singapore (NUS, and Raffles Institution), Bangkok (UChulalongkorn) Hong Kong (HK Inst of Education), Tampere (UTampere, Finland), Malta (UMalta), Stirling (UStirling, Scotland), Beijing (Beijing Normal U, China), Kuala Lumpur (National U of Malaysia, and MonashU Sunway), Penang (Universiti Sains Malaysia),   


Selected publications


Education and training

  • Cert IV WTraining&Asst, University of Melbourne 2005
  • PhD, University of Technology Sydney 1996
  • MEd, University of Melbourne 1991
  • MA, University of Melbourne 1982
  • BA, Monash University 1974
  • TPTC, Toorak Teachers College 1969

Awards and honors

  • Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning -Aust Govt, 2012
  • Outstanding Supervisor of Research Students - Uni of Melb, 2012
  • Distinction Medal awarded at ACEL 2011 National Conference, Adelaide Convention Centre, Australian Council for Educational Leaders, 2011
  • Fellow of the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia, 2007
  • Fellow of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders, 2004



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • Between 2014-2016 I have supervised or co-supervised about 12 theses at doctoral (PhD; DEd) levels, having successfully supervised almost 60 theses since 1992, in the areas of human resource development, workplace learning, professional development and in education philosophy and policy.( **** = graduated Dec 2013, * graduated Dec 2014)

    My 2014-16 supervision/co-supervision topics were/are:

    Expanding Their Horizons: Hermeneutic Practices and Philosophising with Children (PhD: Jason Pietzner)*
    The Development of Professionalism in Surgeons (DEd: David Hillis) ****
    Sorrow and Loss: How nursing undergraduates can be better prepared (PhD: Stephanie Lockhart) ****
    Language and Culture: Intercultural communication in Chinese-Western business (PhD: Rebecca Xiaoran Song)
    Unintended Consequences in Program Evaluation: A Pakistani Case Study (PhD: Sumera Jabeen) *
    Vietnamese RHD Experiences in Australia (PhD: LiLy Nguyen)
    Prospects of On-line Teaching and Course Devt in Vietnamese Universities (PhD: Hanh Tran)
    Integration of ICT in Science Classrooms (DEd: Mel Nash)
    Indigenous Experiences of Boarding Schools (PhD: Marnie O'Bryan)
    Iranian Diasporic Writings and Public Pedagogy (PhD: Nasim Janfada)
    The Diaspora and Reimagining Women's Leadership in Iran (PhD in the Arts Faculty: Sanaz Nasirpour)