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PROF Marimuthu Palaniswami


  • Biomedical Instrumentation, Signal and Image Processing (Time Frequency Analysis, Machine Learning, Active Shape Models)
  • Biomedical signal processing
  • Cardiovascular signal processing and modelling, Human gait analysis, Medical Instrumentation (Machine learning, Biomedical Electronics)
  • Control and Optimization of Communication Networks (Internet Traffic Control, Congestion Control, Quality of Service)
  • Event Detection (Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning)
  • Image Processing
  • Machine learning (support vector machines)
  • Signal Processing
  • Signal and Image Processing, Computer Vision (Video Analysis, Surveillance)
  • Sliding Mode Control (Nonlinear Systems)
  • Smart City Research (Internet of Things)
  • Smart City Research (Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things)
  • Smart City, Cyber-Physical System (Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things)
  • Smart grid (Security)
  • Wireless Sensor Neteworks (Computer Network Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring)
  • Wireless sensor networks (Communications)
  • Wireless sensor networks (Security)



  • Marimuthu Palaniswami is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) and an internationally recognised expert in Internet of Things (IoT), Sensor Networks, Automated Learning, and Computational Intelligence in large-scale complex systems. He is a named Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society over the period 2013-2015.

    He obtained his Ph.D from the University of Newcastle, Australia and is currently the Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He has a demonstrated track record in leading large research initiatives. In particular, he has been the Founder and Director of the ARC Research Network ISSNIP (Information, Signals, Sensor Networks and Information Processing), which has become an internationally recognised constellation of researchers, partner universities and industry organisations in the area of sensor networks.

    He has built many large-scale projects by bringing together teams of chief investigators in related areas such as the Distributed Sensor Networks Project funded by former Department of Education, Science and Technology (DEST), the SEMAT project of the Queensland government’s Smart State Program and IMOS-GBROOS for the Great Barrier Reef. He was the co-director of the Centre of Excellence for Networked Decision Systems (CENDS) funded by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation.

    He is also a co-founder of the European Centred IoT forum. He served as a general Chair for over 10 IEEE Sponsored International conferences with a focus on Sensor Networks and Internet of Things (IoT). As a Chief Investigator, he was funded by various government agencies for a number of IoT projects covering Infrastructure, Smart City, Healthcare, Transport, BigData Analytics and Smart Governance. His international IoT funding for smart city covers projects such as European Union’s FP7 Smart Santander, SocioTal, and OrganiCity.

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Additional Grant Information

  • 2012-2014: M. Palaniswami and R. Buyya, 'Creating a smart city through internet of things', ARC Linkage Project with Arup Pty Ltd and City of Melbourne, Australian Research Council, ARC funding $350K

    2011: S. Karunasekera, C. Leckie, Shyamali, M. Palaniswami, B. Moran and P. Farrell, 'High resolution monitoring of atmospheric pollutants to identify their impact on population health', Interdisciplinary Seed Grant, Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society (IBES), University of Melbourne, $40K

    2010: M. Palaniswami, 'Demand response in smart grids', Interdisciplinary Seed Grant, Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society (IBES), University of Melbourne, $69,609   


Education and training

  • PhD, The University of Newcastle 1987
  • MEngSc, University of Melbourne 1983
  • MEng, Indian Institute of Science 1979
  • BE (Hons), University of Madras 1977

Awards and honors

  • Knowledge Transfer Excellence Award, The University of Melbourne, 2008
  • Research Award for Foreign specialists, Japanese Government Research Award, 1991
  • University of Newcastle Post-Graduate Scholarship, University of Newcastle (1983-1986), 1983
  • University of Melbourne Post-Graduate Scholarship, University of Melbourne (1982-1983), 1982



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