PROF David Grayden

PROF David Grayden


  • Bionic Ear (Speech processing, bionics, neuroengineering)
  • Bionic Eye (Vision processing, bionics, neuroengineering)
  • Brain-Machine Interfaces (Brain-computer interfaces, bionics, neuroengineering)
  • Computational Neuroscience (Neural modelling, neural learning, neural dynamics, neuroengineering)
  • Epilepsy (Prediction of seizures, seizure control, neuroengineering)



  • Professor David B. Grayden is Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering.

    Prof Grayden's main research interests are in understanding how the brain processes information, how best to present information to the brain using medical bionics, such as the bionic ear and bionic eye, and how to record information from the brain, such as for brain-machine interfaces. He is also conducting research in epileptic seizure prediction and electrical stimulation to prevent or stop epileptic seizures, and in electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve to control inflammatory bowel disease. He has research linkages with the Bionics Institute, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of South Australia, Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental Health, and University of Maryland, USA.

    Prof Grayden teaches in the Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering programs.  He teaches BioDesign Innovation and contributes to the Neuroscience Research Training course modules.

    Research interests:
    Computational Neuroscience
    Audition, Speech and Bionic Ear Design
    Vision and Bionic Eye Design
    Brain-Machine Interfaces


Member of

  • ASSTA - Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association, Inc. Member 1992 -
  • IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Member 1992 -
  • ARC Network in Human Communication Science (HCSNet). Member 2005 - 2010
  • ARC Communications Research Network (ACoRN). Member 2004 - 2009


Selected publications


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Additional Grant Information

  • 2017: D. Freestone, M. Cook, D.B. Grayden, S. Harrer, S. John, D. Ackland, T. O'Brien, Y.T. Wong, T. Oxley, Using decoded brain signals to control prosthetic limbs, Interdisciplinary Seed Funding, Melbourne Neuroscience Institute.

    2016: L. Johnston, T. Merson, D.B. Grayden, S. Petrou, Synchronised conduction along myelinated axons is optimised by populations of interconnected activity-responsive oligodendrocytes, Interdisciplinary Seed Funding, Melbourne Neuroscience Institute, University of Melbourne.

    2014: D.B. Grayden, E. Burrows, A. Hannan, N. McLachlan, Deciphering the Language of Mice, Interdisciplinary Seed Funding, Melbourne Neuroscience Institute, University of Melbourne.

    2013: N. Opie, T. Oxley, T. O’Brien, C. French, C. May, A.N. Burkitt, D.B. Grayden, S. Prawer, D. Garrett, Investigating Nitinol properties in electrode fabrication, Interdisciplinary Seed Funding, Melbourne Materials Institute, University of Melbourne.

    2013: C. Hales, D.B. Grayden, K. Ganesan, P. Kitchener, A. Nirmalathas, B. Gouhier, L. Hollenberg, A novel neuroscience-inspired many-state logic element for artificial brain tissue replication and low power, massively parallel information processing, sensing and control, Interdisciplinary Seed Funding, Melbourne Materials Institute, University of Melbourne.

    2012: A.N. Burkitt, N. McLachlan, D.B. Grayden, Speech from Noise: A New Algorithm Based on Brain Stem Neural Mechanisms, Interdisciplinary Seed Funding, Melbourne Neuroscience Institute, University of Melbourne.

    2011: A. Burkitt, D. Grayden, L. Johnston, J. Wagner, M. Cook and J. Haueisen, 'Electromagnetic brain imaging using parallelized finite element models in Epilepsy', Interdisciplinary Seed Grant, Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI), University of Melbourne

    2011: D. Grayden, J. Manton, M. Cook and W, d'Souza, 'Anticipation of epileptic seizures using electric   


Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 1999
  • BSc, University of Melbourne 1991
  • BEng (Hons), University of Melbourne 1990

Awards and honors

  • 2006 Editors Award, Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), 2007
  • Student Award, Australian Computer Society, 1991
  • LR East Prize in Engineering, Instutite of Engineers, Australia, 1990
  • Dixon Scholarship in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Melbourne, 1990
  • Rowden White Prize for Engineering, The University of Melbourne, 1990
  • IBM Prize for Electrical & Electronic Engineering, The University of Melbourne, 1989
  • Second Year Siemens Prize for Achievement in Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), The University of Melbourne, 1988



Available for supervision

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Supervision Statement

  • Please see the Melbourne School of Engineering Research Projects Database for information about projects in which I am seeking students: