MS Siobhan Jackson

MS Siobhan Jackson


  • practice lead research, contemporary silent cinema, models for writing and improvising cinematic story directly to the screen. (silent cinema, improviation, practice led research, screen language, cinematic language, cinema, screenwriting,)



  • Siobhan Jackson is a writer, director, teacher and researcher in the area of Film & Television production. In the late 1980's she gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), from The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Siobhan went on to study at Victorian College of the Arts, gaining a Graduate Diploma in Painting in 1994. Siobhan exhibited extensively until she returned to The Victorian College of the Arts and completed a Masters in Film and TV production in 2005. Since then she has produced, written and directed a number of award winning short films. Recently she has completed a trilogy of short silent films collectively entitled Killing Her Quietly . The first in this trilogy was a co-production with the University of Television and Film, Munich (HFF) the second made in conjunction with the University of Melbourne and the third made in China with the support of the Suzhou University.

    Siobhan has recently completed a silent, feature, screen adaptation of an award winning Australian novel, developing her first novel and co-writing, co-directing and co-producing an improvised feature film, provisionally entitled, Tom and Lucy .

    She is currently enrolled at the VCA School of Film & TV as a Master by Research student. Her research is focused in the areas of practice lead research, the relevance and use of contemporary silent cinema and the models for writing and improvising cinematic story directly to the screen.

    Siobhan is a co-leader of the Moving Image Narrative (MIN) research clusters – one of three recently formed research groups at the Victorian College of the Arts. Siobhan chairs both VCA's Human Ethics Advisory Group (HEAG) and the Library Users Group (LUG).   



Additional Grant Information

  • Siobhan, in collaboration with RMIT academic Allan Thomas, were the recent recipients of an ASPERA Creative Research Seed Grant . The grant is funding a research project entitled: Either side of the Looking Glass: reflections on knowing something about film and knowing something through film - an experiment in film making and thinking.    


Education and training

  • MFTV, Victorian College of the Arts 2006
  • Grad Dip FTV, Victorian College of the Arts 2004
  • Grad Dip FTV, Victorian College of the Arts 1995
  • BFA, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 1992


Available for supervision

  • Y