DR Siqing Chen

DR Siqing Chen


  • Digital landscape architecture (GIS, remote sensing, parametric design)
  • Ecological urbanism & regionalism (green infrastructure, smart city regions)
  • Landscape as infrastructure (energy landscape, spatial planning)



  • Dr Siqing (Simon) Chen is a senior lecturer in landscape architecture. Trained in China and the United States as a land use planner and landscape architect, Siqing has practiced since 2002 in a range of private and public sector settings in China and U.S. before his academic appointment at the University of Melbourne. Siqing's research concerns emerging issues of landscape planning, energy landscape, and ecological urbanism with emphasis on sustaining the built environment. He has been involved in projects funded by the Australian, Chinese, and U.S. governments, private enterprises and industrial bodies, and has won numerous design and research excellence awards in the U.S., China, and Australia. Drawing on his ongoing research and practice, Siqing teaches Bachelors Site Planning and Design studio, Masters Landscape Planning studio, GIS, and Geodesign.

    Currently Siqing has increasingly focused on the application of GIS and spatial modelling tools to the visualization, simulation and evaluation of the environmental impacts of the rapid urbanisation in post-reform China and the ever-expanding urban regions in Australia. He has recently secured a research grant to explore Australia's solar energy landscape and ways of designing sustainable communities powered by renewable energy. Siqing has published 40 refereed journal articles and conference papers on GIS-based landscape assessment and planning, sustainable urban development, and environmental decision-making support. His recent book Designing Ecologies: Integrating Green Infrastructure into Sustainable Housing Developments (2011) proposes a new process-based approach for the design, planning, and construction of new communities considering environmental, economic and cultural sustainability against conventional suburban sprawl.



Member of

  • American Planning Association. American Planning Association 2010 -
  • Ecological Society of Australia. Australian Society of Ecology 2010 -
  • Sigma Lambda Alpha Landscape Architecture Honor Society. Honor Society Landscape Architecture 2007 -
  • American Society of Landscape Architecture. American Society of Landscape Architecture 2006 -


Selected publications



Education and training

  • MLA, Auburn University 2008
  • PhD, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2003
  • MS, Chinese Academy of Sciences 1999

Awards and honors

  • LTI Grant, University of Melbourne, 2019
  • Graham Treloar Early Career Research Fellowship, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne, 2010
  • Outstanding International Student, Auburn University, 2008
  • Research Excellence Award, School of Architecture, Auburn University, 2008
  • Outstanding Graduate Student, College of Architecture, Design and Construction, Auburn University, 2008
  • Book Award, School of Architecture, Auburn University, 2007
  • Sigma Lambda Alpha Landscape Architecture Honor Society, School of Architecture, Auburn University, 2007



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement



    Dr Echo Wang, co-supervised with Catherin Bull & Alan March
    “Eco-services for Urban Sustainability in the Yangtze River Delta of China: Strategies for Physical Form and Planning”

    Dr Mahdi Khansefid, co-supervisor with Catherin Bull & Sidh Sintusingha
    “A Landscape Ecological Investigation on an Urban Infrastructure Corridor Using Morphological Spatial Pattern and Landscape Metrics Analyses and Project Process Tracing: A Case of EastLink Highway Corridor in Melbourne, Australia”

    Dr Jorge Leon, advisory committee
    “An Urban Form Response to Disaster Vulnerability: Improving tsunami evacuation in two Chilean Cities” (Advisory Committee Member)

    Dr Simon Chui, advisory committee
    “Cultural Adaptation to Climate Change and the 1997-2010 Drought in the Suburban Landscape of Melbourne, Australia” (Advisory Committee Member)

    Dr Xin Yang, advisory committee
    “The Effects of Employment Decentralisation on Travel Behaviour and Welfare: A Study Applying the Capabilities Approach” (Advisory Committee Member)


    Junxian Chen, co-supervisor with Sun Sheng Han
    “Institutional Complexities in Planning and Managing Greenways in City-regions: A Case Study of the Cluster of Cities in Central Zhejiang Province, China”

    Linna Li, co-supervisor with Sidh Sintusingha
    “Community Well-being of Large-scale Residential Communities in Peri-urban Areas: Critical Perspective of Social Groups in Shanghai and Melbourne”

    Thanuja Panawannage, advisory committee
    “Comparison of Measured and Perceived Neighbourhood Characteristics for Achieving Resilient Walkable, Low Carbon Cities” (Advisory Committee Member)

    Aye Thandar Phyo Wai, advisory committee
    “The Role of Urban Planning in Urban Fire Risk Mitigation” (A