DR Ian Trounce

DR Ian Trounce




  • 2010-2012: Wagstaff Fellowship, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital


Additional Grant Information

  • 2009: Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia, “Opa-1 processing and mitochondrial defects in glaucoma”. Principle Investigator Dr Ian Trounce, Co-investigator Prof. J. Crowston.

    2009-2010: American Health Assistance Foundation (USA), “The effect of glaucoma risk factors on APP processing in retinal ganglion cells” (#2009-020)
    PI A/Prof Ian Trounce, Co-PI Prof Jonathan Crowston

    2010-2012: NH&MRC Project grant #626964 Chief Investigators A/Pr Robert Casson, Dr John Wood, Dr Glyn Chidlow, Prof Jonathan Crowston, A/Prof Ian Trounce, “How does glucose protect the retina and optic nerve against ischaemia?”

    2010-2012: NH&MRC Project grant #590200 Chief Investigators A/Prof Ian Trounce, Prof Jonathan Crowston, Prof David Mackey, Dr Alex Hewitt, Dr Mat McKenzie, “Oxidative phosphorylation regulation and neuroprotection in optic neuropathies”.

    2012-2013 Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease Research and Shake it Up Australia Foundation, A/Prof Ian Trounce PI, "Is the xenomitochondrial mouse an 'ideal' PD model?"




Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 1991
  • BSc, University of Melbourne 1983