• (1) Ensemble hydrological forecasting (Floods, short-term and seasonal streamflow, drought)
  • (2) Ensemble weather and climate forecasting (Precipitation, temperature, short-term, seasonal, post-processing)
  • (3) Catchment hydrological modelling (Water balance and runoff, river routing, updating)
  • (4) Bayesian statistical modelling and uncertainty quantification (Hierarchical modelling, MCMC, data transformations, missing and censored data, spatial and temporal models)
  • (5) Ensemble spatial data infilling and interpolating model (ESDIIM) (Precipitation, temperature)
  • (6) Applications of hydrological forecasts to water management (Flood emergency management, water allocation and outlook, environmental watering, drought management, irrigation scheduling)
  • (7) Irrigation (Irrigation systems, on-farm irrigation technologies, salinity, regional planning)



  • Professor QJ Wang obtained his BE in 1984 from Tsinghua University at Beijing with a “Graduate of Excellence” Award. In Ireland, he completed his MSc in 1987 and PhD in 1990 at University College Galway. QJ worked briefly as a Postdoctoral Fellow with Professor James Dooge at University College Dublin, before returning to University College Galway to take up a Lecturer position. In 1994, QJ came to Australia and joined the University of Melbourne, where he worked as a Lecturer and later as a Senior Lecturer. In 1999, QJ took up a Principal Scientist position at the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, where he led irrigation research. In 2007, QJ joined CSIRO Land and Water as an Office of the Chief Executive Science Leader and Senior Principal Research Scientist. At CSIRO, he built his national and international reputation as a leader in water forecasting research and development. In February 2017, QJ took up the position of Professor of Hydrological Forecasting at the University of Melbourne.

    Before joining CSIRO in 2007, QJ’s research interests included statistical hydrology, hydrological modelling and optimisation, irrigation, and regional planning. In CSIRO, QJ built from scratch a globally renowned water forecasting research team. Research by QJ and his team led to a national seasonal streamflow forecasting service operated by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The service now provides forecasts for over 300 locations, including major water storages and river systems across Australia. Forecasts issued at the start of each month give probabilities of volumes of streamflow in the next three months ( Research by QJ and his team also led to a new national short-term streamflow forecasting service, which provides daily forecasts of streamflow for the next seven days (

    QJ developed a number of cutting-edge mathematical models. Among



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Education and training

  • PhD, National University of Ireland 1990
  • MSc, National University of Ireland 1987
  • BE, Tsinghua University 1984

Awards and honors

  • CSIRO Medal for Impact from Science, CSIRO, 2016
  • GN Alexander Medal for Hydrology and Water Resources, Engineers Australia, 2014
  • High Performing Team Award, Bureau of Meteorology, 2011
  • CSIRO Chairman's Medal, CSIRO, 2008
  • Finalist, Daniel McAlpine Outstanding Achievement Award, Victorian Department of Primary Industries, 2005
  • Best Lecturer, awarded by by the 1997 final year Environmental Engineering class, The University of Melbourne, 1997
  • Best Lecturer, awarded by the 1996 final year Environmental Engineering class, The University of Melbourne, 1996
  • Lecturer of the Year, awarded by the 1995 final year Environmental Engineering class, The University of Melbourne, 1995
  • Graduate of Excellence Award, Tsinghua University, 1984