PROF Andrew Turpin

PROF Andrew Turpin


  • Computational problems in optometry and ophthalmology (human vision, modelling, simulation)
  • Text compression and search (pattern search, data compression, string search)



  • Professor Andrew Turpin is Deputy Head (Engagement) School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne.

    I enjoy applying theoretical computer science research in algorithms and data structures to real world problems across many domains. The common thread across my projects in health, political science, data analytics and information retrieval is speed: I like algoritmics and making code that runs fast (and accurately!). This often involves working with large data sets, which requires custom software for processing, and specialised tasks that require novel algorithms (like visual field testing).
    I work with companies in Australia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA on computation problems in glaucoma assessment.
    Research interests 

    Computational problems in human vision
    Open Perimetry Interface
    Algorithms for testing visual acuity (eye charts)
    Classification of glaucoma patients
    Psypad , an iPad app for visual psychophysics
    Data compression and string searching
    Performance of IR systems with real users
    How do people use snippets in Web search result lists?
    What does it mean to judge a document relevant to a query?


Selected publications


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Additional Grant Information

  • 2017 ARC Discovery (3 years): J. Lewis, A. Turpin, E Baekkeskov, A. Carson and R Foa. "Understanding political debate and policy decisions using big data." $350K
    2016 Department of Veterans Affairs, USA: M. Wall and A. Turpin. "New perimetric tests for the far periphery." $35K
    2015 Google Research award: F. Scholer and A. Turpin. "Magnitude Estimation for the Evaluation of Search Systems." $US 55523.
    2015. ARC Linkage with Haag-Streit (3 years). A. Turpin, A.M. McKendrick, P. Artes and S. Zysset. LP150100815 "Next Generation Vision Testing: Combining Kinetic and Static Stimuli." $250K
    2013. ARC Linkage with Heidelberg Engineering (3 years). A. Turpin, A.M. McKendrick, C. Hazelbank and G. Zinser. LP130100055 "Exploiting high resolution images of the retina to customise vision tests." $300K
    2012. ARC Discovery (3 years). M.A. Sanderson, F.N Scholer, A. Turpin, B. Croft and J. Callan. DP130104007 "Sub-collection retrieval: understanding and improving search engines". $310K
    2012. Melbourne University Research Collaboration Grant. J. Denniss and A. Turpin. "Enabling clinical testing of perimetric research" $20K.
    Consultant for CenterVue (Italy).   


Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 1998
  • BSc (Hons), University of Melbourne 1994
  • BCom, University of Melbourne 1990

Awards and honors

  • Best Paper - Honorable Mention, ACM SIGIR, 2015
  • ARC Future Fellowship 2010-2013, Australian Research Council (ARC), 2010
  • Best Paper Award, Australasian Computer Science Conference (ACSC) 2008, 2008
  • Best Paper Award, International Perimetric Society (Japan), 2008



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • I enjoy supervising smart students on cross-disciplinary projects that apply algorithmics and data analytics to data in health, social science, political science, and also tough algorithmic problems.