DR Ros Bandt

DR Ros Bandt


  • Acoustic ecology
  • Aeolian Harps
  • Archeoacoustics ( sound architectural space)
  • Environmental sound art
  • Music composition (music composition)
  • Sound Culture (Sound Culture)



  • Ros Bandt is an internationally acclaimed sound artist. composer, performer, installation artist, sound researcher and author. She has pioneered many forms of sound art including sounding industrial chambers, original glass music, building sound playgrounds, and interactive mixed media installations and sound sculptures. She is a founding member of ensembles, LIME, Back to Back Zithers, La Romanesca, Carte Blanche and the Free Music Ensemble. She was awarded the Don Banks Composers Award for her original work and many national and international innovation awards including the Benjamin Cohen Peace Prize. She is published by Sonic Gallery, Move, Wergo, EMI, New Albion Records, Pozitif, Fine Arts Press, and Cambridge Scholars Publishing. As well as her artistic practice she directs the award winning on line the Australian Sound Design Project at the Australian Centre, the University of Melbourne, funded on her third ARC grant. Her books and writings on sound art and culture are well known.

    Research Interests SOUND ART AND CULTURE

    Place as Acoustic Space, Sonic Architectures, Site specific sound, Sound sculpture and sound installation, Australian Sound Designs in Public Space, Interactive Spatial Music Systems, Endangered Sounds, Environmental Sound Art Practices, Sonic Archeology, International and Cross Cultural Sound Collaborations. Performance Practice of Repetitive Music . Chance and Indeterminacy in John Cage.
    Creating original installations, performance and sound events as applied research.   


Member of

  • Australia Performing Rights Association. Full Member 1990 - 2019
  • Australian Forum of Acoustic Ecology. Member 1993 - 2014



Selected publications


Education and training

  • Australia, Monash University
  • PhD, Monash University 1984

Awards and honors

  • Animart guest artist 2017 Sonic metamorphoses, 2018
  • N.F.S.A Australian Sound Archive Registry of Australian Sound, 2013
  • Fellowship Australia Council Hearing jaaraJaara digital acoustic sanctuary, 2013
  • Melbourne Prize Outstanding Musician Finalist, 2013
  • Cochrane -Smith Award for Sound Heritage, Fanny Cochrane Smith Award for Sound Heritage: National Film and Sound Archive, 2012
  • History of the University Unit Re-hearing the theremon Untitled J.S. Ostoja Kotkowski, 2009
  • History of the University Unit, Percy Grainger, 2008
  • Excellence for Research Award, University of Melbourne Arts Faculty, 2006
  • ARC large Grant ASDP sound design online gallery and data base of Australian sound designs in public Space, 2000
  • Inaugural Benjamin Cohen Fellowship for peace and innovation Ball State University USA, 1993
  • ARC 5 year Fellowship Australian sound sculpture, 1992
  • many other international art commissions, Sound Art Australia Prize, Mungo :WDR Germany and ABC, 1991
  • Don Banks Composers Award :Australia Council, 1990