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A/PROF Kurt Benke


  • Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Expert Systems and Decision Support
  • Hydrological Modelling
  • Land Use Modelling
  • Risk Assessment and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Systems Modelling and Assessment
  • Systems Optimisation



  • Kurt Benke is a research scientist and engineer with experience gained in multinational companies and government agencies. He is an Honorary Principal Fellow in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering.

    He was employed in the Aerospace and Defence Industries (Tenix Aerospace Division, BAE Systems) and with the Department of Defence (DSTO).

    As a research physicist he followed a career path in the technology sector in computer vision, artificial intelligence, image analysis, mathematical  modelling and applied statistics. Experience was gained in the design of algorithms for visual inspection in robotics and automation. His research has been implemented internationally as a subroutine in a software package for pattern  recognition (The Netherlands) and in the design of an electronic microchip (USA).

    In 2006, he extended his activities in physical science and aerospace engineering into the life sciences and environmental engineering. Current interests include human and computer vision, artificial intelligence, big data, uncertainty analysis, medical physics.  He has a particular research interest in the application of artificial intelligence to financial engineering and the automation of expert opinion.   

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Education and training

  • MSc, University of Melbourne
  • PhD, Deakin University
  • BSc, University of Melbourne
  • Grad Dip App Stats, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology



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  • Not available for supervision.