DR Fiona Fidler

DR Fiona Fidler


  • Meta-research, reproducibility, open science (in conservation science, ecology and evolution, psychology)
  • Reasoning and decision making (in conservation science and beyond)
  • Statistical practice, publication bias, p-hacking (research ethics and integrity)



  • I am a psychologist with a PhD in history and philosophy of science, who has worked in conservation science for roughly the last decade. I’m generally interested in how scientists and experts make and communicate decisions. I currently hold an ARC Future Fellowship (awarded in 2015) to explore reproducibility and open science in conservation science. I’ll be looking at publication bias, questionable research practices (like p-hacking, cherry picking, HARKing) and initiatives for improving inference. I also have an abiding interest is statistical controversies, for example, the ongoing debate over Null Hypothesis Significance Testing versus Estimation (Effect Sizes, Confidence Intervals) and arguments about Frequentists versus Bayesian statistics. My position at the University of Melbourne is split between the School of BioSciences (where I am part of the quantitative and applied ecology group, QAECO) and the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies (where I am part of the History and Philosophy of Science program, HPS).   


Member of

  • Association for Psychological Science (APS). Member 2004 -
  • Society for Judgement and Decision Making (JDM). Member 2004 -


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Additional Grant Information

  • ARC Linkage LP160100324 (2016-2020) Designing green spaces for biodiversity and human well-being A/Prof Sarah Bekessy, A/Prof Richard Fuller, A/Prof Dieter Hochuli, A/Prof Fiona Fidler, Dr Cecily Maller, Dr Ascelin Gordon, Dr Georgia Garrard, Dr Christopher Ives, Dr Luis Mata, A/Prof Adrian Dyer Administered by RMIT University   


Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 2006
  • BPsych, James Cook University of North Queensland 1994

Awards and honors

  • Faculty of Science, Early Career Researcher (La Trobe University), 2009
  • Australian Psychological Society, 1994



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  • Y