DR Sangeetha Chandra-Shekeran

DR Sangeetha Chandra-Shekeran


  • Geographical political economy, socio-technical change, evolutionary economic geography, neoliberalism, sustainability and environmental justice



  • Sangeetha is Deputy Director of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, one of the University's interdisciplinary research institutes designed to facilitate collaboration across faculties and external engagement. Sangeetha is also a lecturer in the School of Geography, Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne. She is a political and economic geographer who researches how large complex socio-technical systems undergo change. Her PhD thesis focused on demand management in the Victorian electricity industry. Sangeetha is interested in the political economic dimensions of environmental change. In particular questions of state power and capital accumulation that shape environmental outcomes. Sangeetha's research is motivated by the challenge of deep decarbonisation in a way that addresses longstanding problems of uneven development and injustice. Prior to undertaking her PhD Sangeetha worked in climate change and energy policy for the Federal Government, and at the Victorian Law Reform Commission.   



Education and training

  • BA (Hons), University of Melbourne
  • MA, University of Chicago
  • LLB (Hons), University of Melbourne
  • PhD, University of Melbourne 2014

Awards and honors

  • Australian Postgraduate Association, 2009
  • Asia Dunlop Fellowship, 2003
  • Australian Federation of University Women, 2001
  • Fulbright Award, 2001