PROF Malcolm McConville

PROF Malcolm McConville


  • Molecular parasitology and microbiology (analytical biochemistry)



  • Malcolm McConville obtained his PhD from Melbourne University and subsequently developed a strong interest in molecular microbiology and parasitology durig post-docs at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and at the University of Dundee, Scotland. He returned to Australia as a member of the Department of Biochemistry, University of Melbourne in 1994. Malcolm McConville’s research focuses on understanding molecular processes in a number of parasitic protozoa (Leishmania spp, Plasmodium falciparum, Toxoplasma gondii) and bacterial (Mycobacteria spp) pathogens that are the cause of a range of devastating diseases in humans. His group has played a central role in defining the composition of the complex surface coats and cell walls of these organisms and characterizing the role(s) of specific surface components in virulence. More recently he has been involved in developing advanced metabolite profiling techniques using mass spectrometry and NMR to identify metabolic processes that are activated during infection and are potential drug targets. This work has resulted in more than 140 research publications in high-impact journals, regular invitations (4-8/yr) to speak at national and international scientific meetings and project grant funding from both national (NHMRC, ARC) and international (World Health Organization, Wellcome Trust, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Human Frontiers Foundation and the National Institutes of Health) funding bodies. He is on the editorial board of five journals (Molecular Microbiology, Glycobiology, International Journal of Parasitology, The Biochemical Journal and the BMC Biology) and is a regular member of NHMRC Project Grant peer review committees. He has been actively involved in the development of the Postgraduate Programs in the Department of Biochemistry (PhD and BSc(Hons)) and has supervised eight PhD students and 20 BSc Hons students to completion. He is currently Acting Director of the Bio21 Institute, Univ   


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Additional Grant Information

  • Current grant support

    Source: NHMRC Project Grant (APP1046587)
    Investigators: McConville MJ (CIA)
    Project: Metabolism of Toxoplasma gondii latent stages
    Amount $673,047
    Funding period: 2013-2015

    Source: NHMRC Project Grant (APP1064466)
    Investigators: Crellin P (CIA), Coppel R (CIB), McConville MJ (CIA)
    Project: Regulation from the Outside: Control of transport and assembly of major cell wall components in mycobacteria
    Amount $585,048
    Funding period: 2014-2016

    Source: NHMRC Principal Research Fellowship (ID# 1059530)
    Investigator: McConville MJ
    Project: Identifying drug targets in microbial pathogens using metabolomics
    Amount $727,610 2014-2018

    Source: NHMRC Project Grant (APP1059545)
    Investigators: McConville MJ (CIA) and Sansom F (CIB)
    Project: Identifying metabolic pathways in Leishmania parasites and their host cells required for virulence
    Amount $950,744
    Funding period: 2014-2017

    Source: NIH (RO1 AI084415-01)
    Investigators: Striepen, B (CIA) and McConville MJ (CIB), Konstaniotis AJ (CIC)
    Project: Targeting fatty acid biosynthesis in Apicomplexan parasites
    Amount/period $1,250,000
    Funding period 2010-2015

    Source: ARC Linkage grant (LP120200122)
    Investigators: Jex AR (CIA) and McConville MJ (CIB)
    Project: Harnessing the 'omics revolution to investigate drug response and resistance mechanisms in Giardia duodenalis
    Amount/period $772,500
    Funding period 2012-2017

    Source: ARC Discovery Grant (DP130102763)
    Investigators Williams, S.J (CIA-Dept Chemistry, Melb. Uni), McConville, MJ (CIB)
    Project: Defining the biosynthesis and immunological properties of corynebacterial glycolipids
    Amount $360,000
    Funding period: 2013-2015

    Source: ARC Linkage grant (LP140100565)


Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 1986
  • BSc, University of Melbourne 1980

Awards and honors

  • NHMRC Fellowship, 2019
  • National Health and Medical Research Council - 10 of the Best, 2013
  • Australian Society of Parasitology, 2012
  • Howard Hughes International Scholar, 2001



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