DR Kristen Smith

DR Kristen Smith


  • Alcohol and Other Drugs (Indigenous Health & Alcohol Misuse)
  • Anthropology of Development (Political Economy)
  • Hospital Ethnography (International Health Systems)
  • Medical Anthropology (Inequalities & Political Economy)
  • Medical Tourism (International Health Policy)
  • Multisited Ethnography (Methodology)



  • Dr Kristen Smith is a medical anthropologist in the Indigenous Studies Unit of the Centre for Health Equity (CHE). Smith’s work has contributed to the theory and practice of multi-sited ethnography and case study research, working on innovative research methodologies within interdisciplinary frameworks. Her PhD research explored international health inequities related to the practice and industry of medical tourism, drawing on a multi-sited hospital ethnography she conducted over 12 months in India. She has contributed to research for the Australian Government, building the evidence base for the development of alcohol policy in northern Australia with a particular focus on how this impacts Aboriginal communities. Smith works collaboratively with academic and non-academic bodies, using medical anthropological, rights-based and public health frameworks. Smith's research expertise is both global and local, ranging from macro-micro studies of international health systems to case study work in Australian Indigenous communities   


Member of

  • Board of Pormpur Paanthu Aboriginal Corporation. Expert Director (Health) 2014 -
  • Endeavour Alumni Network. Ordinary Member 2010 -
  • Melbourne South Asian Study Group. Ordinary Member 2010 -
  • Australian Federation of University Women. Ordinary Member 2009 -
  • Medical Anthropology Reading Group, The University of Melbourne. Ordinary Member 2009 -
  • Australian Anthropological Society. Ordinary Member 2008 -


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Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 2016
  • MSocSc (IntDev), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 2007
  • BA, Deakin University 2005

Awards and honors

  • Sir John Eccles Tall Poppy Award, Warrnambool College, 2016
  • PhD Fieldwork Grant, Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne, 2009
  • The Population Health Investing in Research Training Grant, The School of Population & Global Health, 2009
  • Endeavour Research Fellowship, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, 2008
  • Post-graduate Travel Grant, Australian Anthropology Society & Australian Network of Student Anthropologists, 2008
  • Melbourne Research Scholarship, University of Melbourne, 2008



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