DR Max Stephens

DR Max Stephens




  • Dr Max Stephens has the following current areas of research: identifying the emergence of students’ algebraic thinking in the primary and middle years of school, comparative studies in curriculum and assessment, developing a construct of Teacher Capacity to support curriculum reform in mathematics, and investigating the cultural conditions that are needed for the successful adaptation of Lesson Study outside Japan. He has continuing interests in mathematics education and curriculum development internationally, most notably in Japan and in China, where he is a visiting professor at South West University (Chongqing) and at Tianjin Normal University. Prior to coming to The University of Melbourne, he occupied senior roles with the Victorian Department of Education and at the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. His recent commissions from the Australian Government include being a reviewer of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, and providing interpretations of international assessments in Mathematics for Australian schools.   


Selected publications



Education and training

  • PhD, University of Wisconsin
  • DipEd, University of Melbourne
  • MA, University of Melbourne