A/PROF Justin Boddey

A/PROF Justin Boddey




    • www.wehi.edu.au/people/justin-boddey

      My laboratory studies malaria, with a goal of developing new treatments for this disease.

      Our research focuses on the first step of malaria infection, when parasites infect the liver. We are also very interested in understanding the last phase of malaria, when parasites exit humans via transmission to mosquitoes. A better understanding of these processes may enable the development of novel treatments that reduce the devastating effects of malaria globally.   


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    • PhD, Griffith University


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    • Our laboratory is interested in understanding how malaria parasites manipulate their intracellular environment in order to live within humans.

      We are examining:
      - How the parasite enters liver cells.
      - How the parasite survives inside liver cells.
      - How the parasite is transmitted to, and develops within, mosquitoes.