A/PROF Eva Alisic

A/PROF Eva Alisic




  • I work as Associate Professor, Child Trauma and Recovery, and Associate Director at the Child Health and Wellbeing Program (School of Population and Global Health). My focus is on improving support for young people who have been exposed to traumatic events, such as family violence, car crashes, disaster, and war. We use a variety of methods to unravel the mechanisms that underlie child and family responses to trauma. For example, with the Electronically Activated Recorder (EAR app), we audio sample parent-child communication shortly after trauma. It allows us to understand the nature of family interactions and how these relate to children’s and parents’ wellbeing. An important goal of our projects is to inform professional education and policy reform. We work with emergency professionals to understand and improve how they support children exposed to trauma. We work with child protection teams and policy makers on the topic of fatal domestic violence and its consequences for young people. One of the key influences in my current work has been the Global Young Academy (GYA). The GYA provides a rallying point for early- and mid-career scholars from around the world, bringing together people from low- and high-income settings and a range of cultures to address topics of global importance. The GYA has 200 members who serve a 5-year term. Recent GYA initiatives are the More Open Access Pledge and a mentorship program for scholars who are refugees or at-risk.   


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  • PhD, Utrecht University 2011


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