DR Jason Li

DR Jason Li


  • Cancer Genomics, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning (Genetics, Big Data Analysis, Computational Biology)
  • Machine Learning, Knowledge Discovery (Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining)



  • Jason Li completed his PhD in bioinformatics with the Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Melbourne in 2009. He has a full time appointment at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre as a bioinformatician since 2007 and contributed to a large number of cancer genomics projects in both research and clinical domains. Jason is now a senior researcher and heads the Bioinformatics Core Facility at Peter Mac to provide bioinformatics services to internal laboratories, perform collaborative cancer biology researches, and lead bioinformatics researches in the areas of copy number and gene expression analyses over high-throughput sequencing technologies. He has been awarded 2 Peter Mac Cancer Foundation Grants as the principle investigator and is AI in multiple NHMRC project grants. 

    As of May 2016, Jason has 45 publications in the last 5 years, including papers in high impact journals Cancer Cell, Journal of Clinical Investigation, PLoS Genetics, Clinical Cancer Research (as lead bioinformatician; third author), Journal of Pathology (lead bioinformatician; second author), Stem Cells, and Bioinformatics (first author; highly cited). He is leading a team of five bioinformatician with three of them doing postgraduate studies. He has supervised 3 UROP students, 2 Master students, co-supervised 1 PhD student, and is currently principal supervisor to 1 MPhil student and mentor to 1 PhD student.   


Member of

  • Australian Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Society. Member 2015 -


Selected publications



Education and training

  • PhD (Bioinformatics), University of Melbourne 2009
  • BCompSc, University of Melbourne 2003
  • BEng(Hons), University of Melbourne 2003

Awards and honors

  • Peter Mac Foundation Project Grant, 2015
  • Peter Mac Foundation New Investigator Grant, 2011
  • Australian Postgraduate Award, 2004


Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • My research interests lie in the development and application of computational and statistical techniques to advance health sciences. In particular, I have been heavily involved in finding novel analysis methods for deciphering next-generating sequencing data to detect DNA aberrations in tumour samples. Such methods need to be derived from ideas that connect multiple disciplines such as statistics, molecular biology, computational algorithms and high-performance computing. My group collaborates closely with Peter Mac Cancer Centre researchers and clinicians, offering opportunities to see how basic research can be translated and applied to clinical use. Any students with strengths in computer science or mathematics, and an interest in health science or bioinformatics are welcome to contact me.