DR Erica Coslor

DR Erica Coslor


  • Economic sociology (Valuation, market practices, structure and norms; art markets)
  • Financial Markets (Sociology of finance, Rules and norms, Valuation)
  • Organization and Management Theory (Categories, practices, new market creation, valuation/evaluation and legitimation)




Member of

  • Academy of Management. Divisions: Business, Policy and Strategy; Organization and Management Theory 2016 - 2019


Selected publications


Additional Grant Information

  • I do not have funding available for PhD or postdoctoral positions, but the university has generous funding for domestic and international students, including international PhD students. See the main university website. Additional links and suggestions provided on my research group page FAQ: http://coslorsresearchpage.blogspot.com.au/p/phd-faq.html   


Education and training

  • PhD, University of Chicago 2011
  • MSPPM, Carnegie Mellon University 2002
  • BS, Carnegie Mellon University 2000


Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • I am happy to supervise students who are structured and self-motivated. You might come in with your own project area, or join one of mine. For example, I am using the case of investment in fine art to examine topics including complicated market structures and processes, exchange, valuation and the history of art valuation models.To see what I do as a researcher, have a look at the open-access versions of my publications on ResearchGate or bepress.

    POSTGRAD (Masters or PhD) In the Department of Management and Marketing, you will choose your dissertation committee after you have started coursework, but you can begin to develop these relationships with a Special Topics research project. For cross-supervision in sociology, I am strongest in economic sociology, consumption, qualitative, and urban. For MSoG, issues around financial markets, governmentality and urban planning.

    FUNDING I do not have funds available to support students. However, there are departmental and university fellowships for both domestic and international students - see the PhD program details.

    CURRENT PROJECTS Market coordination, Valuation, Art price indexes, Museum accounting, Rules of the art market and I am happy to supervise other projects. The key point is that you will start publishing if you work with me, because you will need it for the academic job market.
    Sample student publications:
    - Hartman & Coslor (2019) in Journal of Business Review
    - Hyatt & Coslor (2018 online first) in Personnel Review

    Additional information about my supervision style, expectations of students and links to university funding, process, etc. http://coslorsresearchpage.blogspot.com.au/