DR Celia McMichael

DR Celia McMichael


  • Climate change-related migration
  • Health Geography
  • International health and development
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Migration and health



  • Celia McMichael is a Lecturer in the School of Geography at The University of Melbourne. She teaches subjects including 'Cells to Societies' and 'Health Geography'.  Celia conducts research focused on health geography, international health, migrant and refugee health, and climate change-related migration and displacement. She has worked in Nepal, Fiji, Angola, Peru and Sri Lanka. Celia is currently working on research projects focusing on water, sanitation and hygiene behaviour change in rural-poor communities (Nepal and Philippines) in collaboration with Australian Red Cross, refugee resettlement in Australia, and climate change related migration and relocation in Fiji. Celia has experience in academic research, applied research consultancies and work in the international development sector (with WHO, IFRC, NGOs and UN agencies).   


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Additional Grant Information

  • ARC Discovery Project Grant (2012-2015):
    Title: Becoming at home: the Good Starts for Refugee Youth cohort (DP120101579)
    Chief Investigators: Dr C. McMichael, Prof. S. Gifford, Dr I. Correa-Velez
    Total amount awarded: $231,000

    NHMRC Project Grant (2012-2014):
    Title: Displaced twice? Investigating the impact of the Queensland floods on the wellbeing and settlement of a cohort of men from refugee backgrounds (1027856)
    Chief Investigators: Dr I. Correa-Velez, Prof S. Gifford, Dr C. McMichael
    Total amount awarded: $257,454

    World Health Organization research consultancy (2014)
    Title: Research report on health and health system access of migrants in Greater Mekong Subregion
    Chief researcher: Dr C. McMichael
    Total amount: USD15,000

    Australian Red Cross (2014)
    Title: Sustained Hygiene Behaviour Change in Nepal
    Chief Researchers: Dr C. McMichael, Dr P. Robinson
    Total amount: $40,455

    La Trobe Transforming Human Societies RFA Funding Scheme (2015)
    Title: A change in the weather: climate change and migration in the Pacific
    Chief Investigators: Dr C. McMichael, Prof. Jon Barnett
    Total amount awarded: $17,970

    La Trobe Building Healthy Communities RFA Grant Scheme, round 1 (2013-14):
    Title: Understanding behaviour change in WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) projects in Nepal
    Chief Investigators: Dr C. McMichael, Dr P. Robinson, Dr C. Liu
    Total amount awarded: $28,796   


Education and training

  • M.Epi., University of Melbourne 2013
  • PhD, University of Melbourne 2003
  • MA(Hons), The University of Edinburgh 1998



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