DR Isabel Krug

DR Isabel Krug


  • Abnormal Psychology (Eating Disorders)
  • Behavioural Science
  • Clinical Psychology (Eating Disorders)
  • Health Psychology
  • Psychotherapy


Member of

  • The Australian and New Zealand Eating Disorder Organization. Regular Member 2012 - 2018
  • The Academy for Eating Disorders. Member and involved in various committees 2004 - 2018
  • Österreichische Gesellschaft für Essstörungen (ÖGES) (Austrian Eating Disorder Organization). Member 2005 - 2012
  • Faculty 1000 Medicine. Member 2009 - 2010
  • Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF). Member 2005


Selected publications


Additional Grant Information

  • Will Ecological Momentary Assessment data in combination with innovative biological, health outcome and intervention data revolutionize disordered eating research? UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, 2016 A Simulated segmentation of clinical experience: An online library for teaching and assessing competencies for psychological practice. UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, 2015 Assessing Social interaction deficits and disordered eating symptomatology prospectively in Caucasian and Latin American US participants using Amazon Mechanical Turk UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, 2014 Examination of socio-demographic and psychological factors in clients attending the University of Melbourne Psychology Clinic UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, 2013 Oragene kits and store DNA at Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF). UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, 2013 Examination of socio-demographic and psychological factors in clients attending the University of Melbourne Psychology Clinic UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, 2012 GWAS, endophenotypes and gene environment interactions in eating disorders KING'S COLLEGE LONDON 2010-2012 An fMRI study of the brain response to video confrontation and social appraisal in anorexia nervosa National Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs, Government of Spain (Barcelona, Spain), 2009-2012 Pathogenic aspects in obesity and eating disorders: Neuropsychological, clinical and genetic factors National Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs (Barcelona, Spain), 2009-2011 A cross-cultural comparison study of disordered eating behaviour between Cuban and Spanish university students Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (MD, MD, United States), 2008-2009    


Education and training

  • CGUT, University of Melbourne
  • MNSc, King's College London 2012
  • PhD, University of Barcelona 2008
  • MP, University of Barcelona 2006
  • DEA, University of Barcelona 2005
  • MSc, University College London 2003
  • BSc, Cardiff University 2002

Awards and honors

  • Best Poster Award, CIBER Fisiopatología de la Obesidad y Nutrición, 2018
  • Teaching Award in Postgraduate studies at the School of Psychological Sciences, The University of Melbourne, 2014
  • Intra-European Marie-Curie Fellowship, European Union -Research Executive Agency (REA), 2012
  • Best 2008 PhD thesis Award (Premio extraordinario de doctorado), The University of Barcelona, 2008
  • AED Student/Early Career Investigator Travel Fellowship, Academy for Eating Disorders, 2007
  • 2- month fellowship to undertake a research placement at King's College London, Catalan government (AGAUR), 2007
  • 1st and 2nd Bes Poster Award, Latin American Conference on Eating Disorders, 2006
  • PhD Scholarship (2005 FI 00425) -4 - year predoctoral fellowship at the University Hospital of Bellvitge, University of Barcelona, Catalan government. (AGAUR), 2004



Available for supervision

  • Y