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  • Ben Michael has worked as a professional screenwriter since 1993. In that time he has written, produced, edited and story edited over two thousand hours of television. Leaving full time television in-house work in 2007 to concentrate on academia and writing more personal work. He has a feature film, Is This The Real World, which he co-produced, co-wrote the story, script edited and did some music scoring for, due for cinema release in 2016, is currently co-writing the follow up with P.O.V productions, is still asked to consult on and develop TV shows, has a web series in development with production company Astral Pictures and works as a script consultant with a small number of specially chosen writers, including Insite award winner Harry Altetras. He is currently principle lecturer and course coordinator of the Master of Screenwriting at the V.C.A. His research is mainly focused on new and alternate story and screenplay development. In particular, theme-led story development, methods of tapping into the unconscious mind for screenplay ideas, working with psychologists to create more authentic characters and studying indigenous cultures story structures in the hope of finding ways to go beyond the traditional Hollywood method. He is a regular guest on Nicole Chvastek's Drivetime radio program on ABC. He also runs the informal film club Magic Hour once a month that screen non-mainstream cinema from around the world - contact Ben for information on next screening.    



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  • BA. FTV, Swinburne University of Technology 1989