A/PROF Masa Noguchi

A/PROF Masa Noguchi


  • Zero Energy Mass Custom Home (ZEMCH), Environmental Experience Design, Value Analysis, Mass Customisation, Prefabrication (ZEMCH Engineering Design Verticle Village/Subdivision Plug-in Housing System Development)



  • Dr Masa Noguchi is an Associate Professor in Environmental Design at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne, specialising in "Environmental Experience Design (EXD)" research that enbraces value analysis and mass customisation techniques applied to architectural design decision-making process. In parallel to EXD studies, he also initiated global movement on zero energy mass custom home (ZEMCH) and vertical village/subdivision plug-in housing system research and development for future-proof city evolution. Dr Noguchi is a Chartered Engineer, Environmentalist, and Technological Product Designer registered respectively with the Engineering Council, Society for the Environment, and the Institution of Engineering Designers in the UK. In 2002, he also became a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and today, he serves as a Certified Passive House Designer registered with the Passive House Institute in Germany. Dr Noguchi is the founding coordinator of ZEMCH Network (www.zemch.org) which consists of over 750 partners from nearly 45 countries and developed a series of industry-academia knowledge transfer events. ZEMCH international conferences (from 2012), ZEMCH sustainable design workshops (from 2014) and ZEMCH technical missions (from 2006) are amongst the projects being organised by ZEMCH Network today in partnership with the regional experts centres based currently in Australia, Brazil, Italy, Korea, UAE and UK. At the Melbourne School of Design, he leads ZEMCH (Zero Energy Mass Custom Home) design courses, i.e. "Travelling Studio" and "Design Thesis Studio", within the graduate program. Before coming to Melbourne, he was a Reader at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, The Glasgow School of Art affiliated with the University of Glasgow, where he established a ZEMCH pathway within the Master of Architectural Studies program. His research is based on ZEMCH engineering design and socially,   


Member of

  • Institution of Engineering Designers. Chartered Technological Product Designer (CTPD) 2015 -
  • Engineering Council. Chartered Engineer (CEng) 2013 -
  • Institution of Engineering Designers. Member 2013 -
  • Passive House Institute. Certified Passive House Designer 2013 -
  • Society for the Environment. Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) 2013 -
  • Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Member 2002 -
  • Building Research Establishment. Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor (BRE Scheme) 2009 - 2014
  • Building Research Establishment. BREEAM Ecohomes Assessor (BRE Scheme) 2008 - 2014
  • National Energy Services. On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor (OCDEA: NHER Scheme) 2010 - 2012


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Additional Grant Information

  • 2019 Santa Maria Catholic University of Arequipa – Peru Seed Grant (S/.40,000).
    2017 ABP Industry Research Development Grant (A$12,000: Project Start from January 2018)
    2016 The MSD Teaching and Learning Award for Innovative Teaching 2015 (A$5,000)
    2015 MSD Travelling Studio to Brazil 2016 (with Federal University of Parana and University of Sao Paulo, A$25,000)
    2015 ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres (with Prof Priyan Mendis et al., A$4,000,000)
    2014 ABP Research Project Seeding Grant, UK (with Robert Crawford, Principal Investigator, and Chris Jensen, 5,000AUD)

    2013 Principal Investigator (PI): Scottish Founding Council (SFC) Innovation Voucher Scheme, UK (with CSK Architects Ltd., 5,000GBP)
    2012 PI: SFC Innovation Voucher Scheme, UK (with Hutcheon Services Ltd., 5,000GBP)

    2011 PI: CIC Start Online Feasibility Study Grant, UK (with Renewable Devices Ltd., 5,000GBP)

    2011 PI: CIC Start Online Feasibility Study Grant, UK (with Sigma EPD Ltd., 5,000GBP)

    2011 PI: SFC Innovation Voucher Scheme, UK (with NRGStyle Ltd., 5,000GBP)

    2011 PI: CIC Start Online Feasibility Study Grant, UK (with Fairfield Housing Co-operative and Prof. Tariq Muneer, Edinburgh Napier University, 5,000GBP)

    2011 PI: CIC Start Online Feasibility Study Grant, UK (with Powerwall Space Frame Systems Ltd., 5,000GBP)

    2011 PI: CIC Start Online Feasibility Study Grant, UK (with NRGStyle Ltd. and Dr Hasim Altan, The University of Sheffield, 5,000GBP)

    2011 PI: Glasgow School of Art (GSA) Research Development Fund ‘Strategic’ Category, UK (12,000GBP)

    2011 PI: GSA Research Development Fund ‘individual’ Category, UK (2,500GBP)

    2010 JSPS Grant in Aid for Scientific Research, Principle Investigators: Prof. Mitsuhiro Udagawa, Prof. Tasuo Nobe, Prof. Yusuke Nakajima, Kogakuin University (c158   


Education and training

  • PGCert, University of the Arts London 2008
  • PhD, McGill University 2004
  • MArch, McGill University 2000
  • BEng, Kogakuin University 1998

Awards and honors

  • MSD Teaching and Learning Award for Innovative Teaching, Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne, 2016
  • Scottish Crucible 2010, Royal Society of Edinburgh, 2010
  • Team Award, CANMET Energy Technology Centre-Varennes, Natural Resources Canada, 2006
  • Government of Canada Awards, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, 1999



Available for supervision

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Supervision Statement

  • ZEMCH Engineering Design for Humanity and Sustainability in Build Environments, Environmental Experience Design, and "Verticle Subdivision Plug-in Prefabricated Housing System Research and Development