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DR Qiang Sun


  • Acoustic wave scattering
  • Bioengineering
  • Electrostatics and Electrodynamics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Interface interactions
  • Robust boundary integral methods (boundary element methods)



  • Dr. Qiang Sun commenced DECRA within the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Melbourne in August 2015. He has built up a broad research portfolio on undertaking outstanding cross-disciplinary research in the areas of fluid mechanics, colloidal and surface science, electromagnetic and acoustic scattering where his expertise is focused on the theoretical and numerical aspects of these fields. In particular, he developed the robust boundary regularised integral methods for a wide range of problems, including free surface movement phenomena, cavitation bubble oscillations, Stokes drag calculations, the scattering of sound waves and electrostatic interactions in colloidal and molecular systems. Also, the revolutionary field-only non-singular surface integral method for electromagnetic scattering he developed demonstrates a powerful tool to study the local field enhancement effects due to multi-scale scattering of interest to applications in micro-photonics.   


Selected publications



Education and training

  • PhD CFD in ME & BioE, University College London 2011
  • Master of Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University 2005
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology 2002

Awards and honors

  • K. C. Wong research fellowship, University College London, 2005
  • Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme, UK Government, 2005


Available for supervision

  • Y