DR Ronelle Welton

DR Ronelle Welton


  • 920208, Health Policy Evaluation (Public health, population health, national, system)
  • 920404, Disease Distribution and Transmission (incl Surveillance and response) (communication, engagement, education, malaria, social marketing, venom)
  • 920409, Injury Control (bite, sting, snake, jellyfish, marine, ant, bee, spider)



  • Dr Ronelle Welton is passionate about communities and working with researchers and leaders to support health outcomes. A frequent speaker, the combination of research science in biochemistry and public health experience in PNG give her a unique ability to bridge the gap between practice and theory to plain English. During the course of Dr Welton’s academic and working life she has displayed and proven a commitment and passion for public health. Moving from nursing, she commenced a career in Biomedical Science, and completed a PhD in Molecular Biology working with snake venom. This work included research within Papua New Guinea (PNG). The post-doctoral position held at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, working within the Malaria Research Group, continued to utilize scientific research and key molecular techniques. Her departure from a laboratory career to work in Papua New Guinea as a public health co-ordinator allowed Dr Welton to gain valuable corporate experience, project management skills and understand country and local capacities required for delivering public health and community programs. A project developed and initiated was Called the Marasin Stoa Kipa program. This program supported local women to deliver basic health services through microfinance and knowledge principles. This program gained interest from international groups such as MMV and RBM. She completed a Masters in Public health and tropical medicine during this time. Returning to research in 2014 in the Department of Pharmacology, Dr Welton designed and collated a geospatial national health dataset focused on bites and stings from venomous animals to support epidemiological trends of these injuries in Australia. From August 2017, Dr Welton has been managing the Melbourne Clinical and Translational Science Platform (MCATs). This platform provides resources and support for researchers, health and government groups to enhance medical research through the use of statis   


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  • Public Health Association of Australia. Associate 2017 -


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Education and training

  • MED MPHTM, James Cook University of North Queensland 2011
  • PHD, James Cook University of North Queensland 2005
  • BBIOMEDSCI, James Cook University of North Queensland 1998

Awards and honors

  • John M Goldsmid Publications Award for 2012: Comments from ACTM: "Award presented to Dr Ronelle E. Welton et al for the paper "A malaria programme re, Australiasian College of Tropical Medicine, 2012



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