DR Rebecca McLaughlan

DR Rebecca McLaughlan


  • Architecture and wellbeing
  • Architecture as media
  • Asylums & mental hospital design (history of)
  • Contemporary healthcare environments design
  • Research methods for complex healthcare environments



  • Rebecca’s research takes place at the intersection of architecture, medicine, media, pedagogy and practice. She is a New Zealand registered architect with eight years’ experience across an array of project types including schools, primary healthcare, urban design, high-end and social housing. With a background in mental health facilities research (historic), her current work takes place within contemporary environments for oncology and palliative care, alongside general paediatric healthcare. For the previous two years’ she has co-ordinated the research design, data collection and analysis on the ARC-linkage funded project ‘Design for Wellbeing’ that investigates best practice in contemporary Australian paediatric hospitals. The common thread throughout her research is the pursuit of more rigorous methods to address complexities within the relationship between patient wellbeing, best practice models of care and the spatial practices determined by architectural form. Rebecca currently holds three University of Melbourne research grants exploring innovative research methods for the built environment (2017), best practice in studio teaching (2018) and innovative approaches to transdisciplinary education (2018).



Member of

  • Society of Architectural Historians Australia & New Zealand. Member 2015 -
  • New Zealand Institute of Architects. Architect Member 2008 -
  • New Zealand Registered Architects Board. Registered Architect 2008 -


Selected publications



Education and training

  • PhD (Arch), Victoria University of Wellington 2014
  • B.Arch, University of Auckland 2004
  • B.AS, University of Auckland 2002

Awards and honors

  • Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant: The transdisciplinary design studio - Piloting a framework for epistemic fluency, University of Melbourne, 2017
  • Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant: Resourcing sessional staff to deliver exceptional studio teaching, University of Melbourne, 2017
  • Early Career Researcher Grant: Overcoming the current limitations of EBD research using VR technology, University of Melbourne, 2016
  • Strategic Research Grants, 2012 & 2013, Victoria University of Welllington, 2013
  • Post Graduate Research Excellence Award, Victoria University of Welllington, 2012
  • Postgraduate Scholarship, Kathleen Stewart Trust, 2011
  • Doctoral and Doctoral Submission Scholarships, 2010 - 2013, Victoria University of Welllington, 2010


Available for supervision

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