PROF Alan Cowman

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  • Malaria parasite invasion of red blood cells




    My laboratory studies malaria, a disease that is responsible for more than 400,000 deaths each year globally.

    We aim to advance the understanding of this important disease and develop a vaccine and new treatments.   



Selected publications


Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne

Awards and honors

  • Mahathir Science Award, Mahathir Science Foundation, Malaysia, 2013
  • Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation, Victorian Government and veski, 2013
  • Fellow of the Royal Society, 2011


Supervision Statement

  • Our research is aimed at understanding how Plasmodium falciparum, the causative agent of the most severe form of malaria, infects humans and causes disease. 

    To establish infection in the host, malaria parasites export hundreds of remodelling and virulence proteins into the erythrocyte.

    Understanding the function of the proteins involved in parasite invasion and host cell remodelling is important for the development of a vaccine and new treatments required to treat and control this disease.