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PROF Linda Blackall




    • Linda is an environmental microbial ecologist, who has studied many different complex microbial communities ranging from host associated through to free living in numerous environments. Her research has covered mammalian microbiomes of marsupials, humans, ruminants and horses; and the microbiota of non-mammals including corals and sponges. Environmental microbiomes explored in Linda’s research span wastewater treatment (aerobic and anaerobic), solid waste digestion (landfill and composting), bioelectric systems and microbiologically influenced corrosion. The numerous methods she develops and employs in her research allow elucidation of microbial complexity and function in these diverse biomes.   


    Member of

    • Australian Society for Microbiology. Member 1983 -




    Education and training

    • Australia, The University of Queensland 1987
    • BSc HonI, The University of Queensland 1982


    Available for supervision

    • Y

    Supervision Statement

    • Linda is available as a HDR supervisor in the field of environmental microbial ecology. Students could work on the following research projects:

      1. Fungi in the sea anemone microbiome. Co-supervisor: Prof Madeleine van Oppen
      2. Microbial ecology of drinking water biofilms in chloraminated water distribution systems. Funded by ARC-LP Grant