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DR Gilbert Caluya


  • Cultural Theory (new materialism, Deleuze and Guattari)
  • Gender and Sexuality (cultural politics of intimacy, corporeal feminism, queer theory)
  • Race, Ethnicity, Religion
  • cultural study of security



  • The guiding impetus behind my work is concerned with how the legacies of power shape everyday relations in contemporary cultural formations, by investing themselves in our bodies, subjectivities, discourses, materialities and institutions. My research primarily does this by focusing on the intersections of race and intimacy across multiple cultural sites. To date, I have explored these in three main sites:

    1. Queer subcultures : Here I studied anti-Asian racism in Australia’s queer subcultures, using a phenomenological and poststructural framework to highlight how sexual racism structures sexual subjectivities and imbues our desires with racial codes.

    2. Cultures of security : The second site of inquiry explores how the privatisation of security variously recodes race relations under neoliberalist societies as security problems, which enable racism to flourish under different logics. This is an ongoing enquiry spanning my PhD, postdoctoral research and current book project. It charts a path between, on the one side, cultures of security and cultures of fear research and, on the other hand, critical security studies to try to make evident the kind of emotional and intimate investments we make in everyday security and how this often relates to issues of nationhood, the state and justice.

    3. Cultural citizenship : This is based on my current DECRA project which explores the ways intimacy is used to manage Muslims in the West and abroad in relation to civic logics (civility, civilization and civil citizenship).

    I situate my research within cultural studies, gender and queer studies and race/ethnic studies, although it regularly crosses into sociology, cultural geography, critical security studies and education. Theoretically it draws on critical race theory, postcolonial theory, feminist theory, queer theory and various other cultural theories.   


Member of

  • Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association. General Member 2012 -
  • Asian-Australian Studies Research Network. Member 2004 -
  • Cultural Studies Association of Australasia. General Member 2004 -
  • Cultural Research Network. Postgraduate Member 2005 - 2009


Selected publications



Education and training

  • PhD, University of Sydney 2009
  • BA (Hons I), University of Sydney 2003

Awards and honors

  • Early Career Researcher of the Year for 2011, Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences, University of South Australia, 2012
  • Supported Researcher Award, 2009-2013, University of South Australia, 2009
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Award, University of Sydney, 2004-2007, University of Sydney, 2004
  • Australian Postgraduate Award, 2004-2007, University of Sydney, 2004
  • Australian Gay and Lesbian Archives Thesis Prize, Australian Gay and Lesbian Archives, 2003
  • University of Sydney Medal, University of Sydney, 2003


Available for supervision

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