DR Jennifer Flegg

DR Jennifer Flegg


  • Applied mathematics
  • Applied statistics
  • Computational mathematics
  • Epidemiology (infectious diseases, malaria, drug resistance)
  • Mathematical biology (wound healing, tumour modelling)



  • I'm a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne. My research focuses on mathematical biology in areas such as wound healing, tumour growth and epidemiology.  I was awarded a PhD in 2009 from Queensland University of Technology on "Mathematical modelling of chronic wound healing". From 2010 - 2013, I was at the University of Oxford developing mathematical models for the spread of resistance to antimalarial drugs. From 2014 - April 2017 I was a Lecturer in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Monash University. In May 2017 I joined the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne as a Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics. I am an Honorary Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Oxford (2014-2017).  In 2016 I started a Discovery Early Career Research Award to study and mathematically model venous leg ulcers.   


Member of

  • Australian Mathematical Society (AUSTMS). Member 2009 -
  • Australian New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ANZIAM). Member 2009 -


Selected publications


Additional Grant Information

  • Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, 2016-2018 (Awarded while at Monash University)
    Australian Research Council Discovery Project, 2011-2014 (Awarded while at QUT)


Education and training

  • Higher Ed, Queensland University of Technology 2012
  • PhD, Queensland University of Technology 2009
  • Honours, Queensland University of Technology 2006
  • Bachelors, Queensland University of Technology 2005

Awards and honors

  • Commendation for Monash Faculty of Science Award for Research Impact (Economic and Social), Science Faculy, Monash University, 2016
  • University Medal for Academic Excellence, Queensland University of Technology, 2006


Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • Please contact me if you are interested in doing a research project (Masters, PhD) in the field of mathematical biology. I currently have projects available in these areas (and others):

    - Mathematical modelling of tumours
    - Spatial mapping of antimalarial drug resistance
    - Epidemiological models for the spread of resistance
    - Mathematical modelling of non-healing wounds
    - Mathematical modelling of surgical wounds contaminated with bacteria