DR Adam Osth

DR Adam Osth




  • I study human memory from an empirical and computational modeling perspective. One of the first things students of memory often learn is that memory retrieval is an extremely flexible operation; there are many different ways in which we can retrieve information about an event we've experienced. My overall research goal is to understand the myriad of different ways in which we can recognize or recall either information we've experienced, contextual details about what we've experienced, or the order in which we've experienced information.

    I attempt to understand these different retrieval operations by building computational models. In essence, myself and my collaborators construct psychological theories of memory functioning and make the theories mathematically explicit so that they a.) make precise predictions and b.) can be applied to data directly. This involves specification of the representations, learning, retrieval operations, and decision processes.   


Selected publications



Education and training

  • PhD, The Ohio State University 2014
  • MA, The Ohio State University 2011
  • BA, University of California - Santa Cruz 2011