DR Brendan Duffy

DR Brendan Duffy


  • Structural development of mountain belts and implications for seismic hazard and engineering risk (neotectonics; structure; geomorphology; seismic hazard; engineering)



  • Brendan Duffy is a Lecturer in Applied Geoscience in the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne. He is a committed geoscience teacher and an active researcher who publishes articles that integrate structural geology, geophysics and geomorphology. His interests range across subjects from the tectonics of Eastern Indonesia to the active tectonics, earthquake geology and engineering geology of the South Island of New Zealand. Brendan grew up on the Zimbabwe Craton, leaving as a young adult to spend eight years in the British Army. He later turned towards geology, his interest piqued by tours of duty in Bosnia, Italy, Cyprus and Kenya, as well as by post-military travel in the great parks of the United States. Much of Brendan’s research relates to his PhD studies in Timor-Leste, and earthquake interruptions to his research while living in Christchurch. Brendan quickly became a key researcher in the Canterbury earthquake team and gained expertise in all aspects of earthquake geology, both on and off fault. He was awarded his PhD in 2013, and his research has been published in 16 articles and one book chapter so far, along with numerous conference contributions. He has also spent some time working in industry, on projects ranging from gold exploration in Northern Queensland to water exploration in New Zealand. At The University of Melbourne, Brendan is responsible for teaching undergraduate structural geology and geodynamics, developing capability in engineering geology, and overseeing the Timor-Leste geological and geohazard mapping programme.    


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  • PhD, University of Canterbury 2013



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