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DR Anna Lintern




  • Dr Anna Lintern is a Honorary Research Fellow in the Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources Group in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering. She received her PhD in Civil Engineering from Monash University in 2016 and her Bachelor of Engineering(Civil Engineering) and Bachelor of Arts (History and Japanese) from Monash University in 2012.

    Her current research focuses on the development of a statistical model of surface water quality (sediments and nutrients), and the identification of the key spatial drivers of water quality. She is also interested in the use of quaternary science for the management of the water quality of aquatic environments, and for the identification of reference conditions of aquatic systems.

    Lintern, A., Anderson, M., Leahy, P. J., Deletić, A. and McCarthy, D. T. (2016) ‘Using sediment cores to establish targets for the remediation of aquatic environments’, Water Science and Technology, 73(3), pp. 628 – 635.

    Lintern, A., Leahy, P. J., Gadd, P., Zawadzki, A., Heijnis, H., Jacobsen, G., Deletić, A. and McCarthy, D. T. (2016) ‘Sediment cores as archives of historical changes in floodplain lake hydrology’, Science of The Total Environment, 544, pp. 1008–1019.

    Schang, C., Lintern, A., Cook, P.M., Osborne, C., McKinley, A., Schmidt, J., Coleman, R., Rooney, G., Henry, R., Deletic, A., McCarthy, D. (in press) ‘Presence and survival of culturable Campylobacter spp. and Escherichia coli in a temperate urban estuary’, Science of The Total Environment. (Accepted 24 June 2016).

    Lintern, A., Deletić, A., Leahy, P. and McCarthy, D. (2015) ‘Digging up the dirty past: evidence for stormwater’s contribution to pollution of an urban floodplain lake’, Marine and Freshwater Research, 66(7), pp. 596–608.

    Lintern, A., Webb, J.A., Ryu, D., Liu, S., Bende-Michl, U., Le   


Selected publications


Education and training

  • PhD, Monash University 2016
  • BA, Monash University 2012
  • BE, Monash University 2012

Awards and honors

  • AINSE Postgraduate Research Award, AINSE, 2014
  • Monash University Medal for Undergraduate Academic Excellence, Monash University, 2012